Discover the advantages of hiring a motorcycle crash lawyer in Houston

As one of the most happening and beautiful cities in Texas, Houston offers incredible opportunities for motorcyclists. However, it just takes one accident to change everything for someone on a motorcycle. Bikers, for obvious reasons, sustain more severe and life-altering injuries in such road mishaps. If you are in a similar condition due to another person’s negligence, you need to get in touch with a motorcycle crash lawyer. In this post, let’s discuss how a skilled lawyer can help your case.

When you definitely need a lawyer

If the accident resulted in minor bruises, you could probably manage without legal expertise. Unfortunately, most motorcycle crashes are not fender benders. You should contact a law firm specializing in personal injury law if –

  1. You sustained injuries to your brain or spine, or have multiple fractures
  2. You are not sure who is responsible for the accident
  3. There are numerous vehicles and parties involved in the mishap
  4. The insurance company has denied your claim
  5. You made the mistake of fleeing the scene after the crash
  6. You are worried about returning to work
  7. You don’t know what the damages are worth

Here’s how the right lawyer can help

Once you engage an attorney, they will follow a series of steps to determine how to approach the claim. You can expect the following from your attorney –

  1. Provide advice on your rights and legal ways to recover a settlement
  2. Conduct an independent investigation of the motorcycle crash
  3. Recover evidence from various sources
  4. Talk to witnesses and experts
  5. Identify the liable parties to maximize your compensation
  6. Evaluate what the claim is worth
  7. Use medical experts to understand your injuries
  8. Get witness statements
  9. Negotiate the claim with the insurance company
  10. File a lawsuit

Focus on your recovery

Depending on the severity of your injuries after a motorcycle crash, you may have to spend considerable time at home or in a hospital. You need someone who can ensure that the evidence is preserved and all legal options are exhausted for compensation. Having an attorney is like a boon for such circumstances.

Thankfully, top motorcycle crash lawyers in Houston don’t demand an hourly rate. Instead, they work on a case and strive to recover a settlement in return for a fixed share. You may need to pay anywhere from 30% to 40% of your compensation to the lawyer, but you still have a better chance of getting a fair outcome. Contact a lawyer soon after the crash for better results.