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NetbaseQuid Social Listening

Social listening is a way to monitor and analyze social media conversations to understand what people say about a particular subject, brand, or event.Its tools can track conversations on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. It’s an effective way of measuring the sentiment in the Twittersphere or understanding whether people are interested in your latest Instagram post.

NetbaseQuid owns both the passion and the pain of social listening. By integrating NetbaseQuid’s Listening data into our mission-critical applications, we’ve been able to mine social listening insights for our entire enterprise, ensuring that the correct information is always at hand for decision-making.

It does this by scanning thousands of social media sites and pulling out comments about news or discussions about a particular brand, event, or organization. The results can be both eye-opening and powerful; it is not uncommon to find hundreds of topics in which comment volume exceeds 5,000 comments on an overdrive day—a feat at which you’d have to search all day on Twitter to find such noise.

It can also extract conversations from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. While it is not a silver bullet for keyword-based searches on each significant site, it is excellent at identifying critical conversations—especially those around live events such as the Super Bowl tvbucetas.

NetbaseQuid listening specialists are on call to help clients make sense of the data from their listening tool, answer questions that a client may have about the device, or help clients learn how to use different parts of the instrument. The NetbaseQuid listening team is a highly trained, dedicated team of subject-matter experts that have in-depth knowledge of NetbaseQuid’s tools and can help clients make data-driven decisions.

It is customizable and scalable, allowing organizations to start with a basic program and grow as their needs grow. It will enable adding data sources (such as Instagram or YouTube) at any time and monitoring hundreds or thousands of keywords or topics. You can also tailor the results to your needs by choosing the keywords you want to watch, monitoring for live events, frequency of reporting, depth of analysis, and more.

It is set up to send alerts via email, SMS messages, and push notifications. It also provides the ability to export customized reports such as critical metrics and topics you care about most; its reporting tools can create charts that can be used to compare or make trend comparisons across time, categories, or other customizations.

It is powered by some of the world’s leading social media platforms. On-demand APIs are available for the major social networks, and custom integrations for Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics for rich reporting capabilities.

It is a proactive way to monitor your brand, search for new opportunities and stay ahead of the curve. Direct access to qualified leads and real-time results make it an indispensable asset for organizations that need constant visibility into the thoughts of customers, prospects, partners, and other stakeholders.

It is built on some of the first social listening tools available in 2007. While NetbaseQuid has been working with the it since 2007, It has continued to refine and update our devices, which have had hundreds of thousands of users. Social Listening is a service that has grown by leaps and bounds, and the possibilities for growth are endless; we continue to make more improvements to the service.

It is an integral part of a successful marketing arsenal. It lets you keep tabs on what people say about your brand, product, or service in the Twittersphere and respond when necessary. It also provides a way to monitor your organization’s mentions without having to do keyword searches on significant sites or Google Alerts. It is the most comprehensive and accurate tool available now, providing the answers organizations need to develop strategies based on social data. It can help save time by reducing the need for manual monitoring by providing material that can be used for email blasts, blogs, newsletters, and tishare other materials.

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