8 Powerful Features of YouTube That Added To Enhance User Experience

YouTube is surely a great platform where people can learn many things related to education, acquire extra skills, and get immense entertainment. In simple words, today everyone can find their necessary content on the platform. According to recent data, people spend a lot of time daily on YouTube to see various things. The best thing about the platform is that its features that make it best one.

Today, plenty of people share their content on YouTube and earn a lot of money or you can say they make it their income source. As YouTube offer great money to influencers who make best content for audience that’s why a lot of people buy YouTube likes to show the credibility of their channel and attract more audience.

Can Create Your Favorite Videos Playlist

It is a fantastic feature for education specific channels. They can create the playlist of particular subject so that students don’t have to face any difficulty to find the video. They can make a new playlist by following:

  • Click on the Add option to underneath a video that you want to add in a playlist
  • Select the name for the playlist
  • Choose the kind of playlist like private, public or unlisted
  • Enter create button

Use Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags is one of the newest features launched by YouTube. They help users to explore different topics that are on trending. In addition, these hashtags are helpful for creators because it is a data source to identify what is trending currently on this platform.

The hashtags feature is swiftly growing among the viewers. In addition, content makers may select the hashtags according to the specific topic of the video, for example dance, movies, gaming, sports, and many more.

Add Captions with Your Videos

Only those channels can use these features whose owners have enabled them. Captions are also available on some selected videos where YouTube automatically offer them. In addition, captions can be in various languages xotic news.

If your language isn’t included that you want, there is an auto-translated option available that you can use. To enable auto-translated options, you should do the following:

  • Tap on the caption icon at the bottom of the video
  • Click on the options
  • Choose the translate captions option
  • Select the language
  • Click done

People can translate the language that they want after following these above mentioned steps.

Add Subtitles and Closed Captions

Subtitles and closed captions are one of the best things in order to reach massive audience. It is the best feature for those who don’t have power to hear or are deaf and also for those people who can’t understand the language of the video. If you don’t know how to add new closed options and subtitles in the video so follow some steps given below, go through to it once.

  • Go to the option of video manager
  • Tap the drop-down menu next to the edit option, and select the video in which you want to add subtitles and captions.
  • Select closed captions and subtitles oyepandeyji
  • Choose the language that you want to add to the video

Access Live Feature Facility

The option of going live on YouTube is only available for content developer or channel owner. They can now easily meet with their fans, and the audience can ask questions directly to them on live streaming.

It is great opportunity for creators to cover a wide range of viewers in order to make their community and attract more people. In addition, creators can buy YT likes to attract more users to join their live streaming. Moreover, live streams can be more entertaining and also it is a great way to boost the audience base.

 Influencers Can Analyze the Performance of Their Video

YouTube adds a new feature in vital moments to keep busy the audience so that they will not go any other platform.  In addition, with this feature things made easier to check the content of the video. For example, YouTube has categorized different videos which have either below-average or an above-average introduction. This way, channel owners may analyze the lows, highs and perks.

  • Low points: Audience skipped or dropped out on the point where low points are placed.
  • Highs: some special captures or highlights loved by users a lot, and most people like to watch highlights than complete video.
  • Peaks: Above-moments that were re-watched, shared, or viewed by an above-average number of audience

Audio Track Feature

The YouTube video editing feature is perfect for creators as they can add or remove music or sound to their videos from the library. Further, they can access licensed songs from YouTube’s audio library. However, mobile content creators can’t take advantage of this feature. Only computer or display users can change music from YouTube studios aditianovit.