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Why Does My Kitty Choose to Sleep Where it Sleeps!

Cats are creatures of habit; they have unique behaviors and preferences. They play with specific toys, groom themselves in particular ways, reserve snoozing spots, etc. Kitties living a happy and healthy life usually slumber between twelve to eighteen hours a day. However, as feline fur-babies get old, they may exceed the number of hours they used to nap daily in their younger years.

Cats usually sleep intermittently throughout the twenty-four hours. They don’t sleep at a single stretch like us humans do. And some cats may refuse to sleep at all. There can be many reasons for sleeplessness in such kitties. For instance, loneliness, anxiety, stress, lack of enrichment, hunger, etc., are common reasons why some cats won’t sleep.

Also, medical conditions can be a reason for sleep deprivation in fur babies. Meet your vet and have your furball diagnosed to determine the root cause of the feline sleep issues. Pet insurance in NZ covers your kitty’s unscheduled vet visits, medications, and more. Inquire into cat insurance so you can manage unanticipated pet health expenses while providing your furry pet the needed medical support.

Consider purchasing pet insurance; in the meantime, this article provides some possible reasons for your munchkin’s sleeping inclinations.

Why does my kitty sleep in the place where it sleeps?

Feline fur babies take several short naps spread over day and night, and they are primarily active during dawn and dusk. Even though we already know kitties are creatures of habit, they may still prefer different places and people at times based on their comfort and liking. So, cat parents need not fixate on their fur ball’s sleeping choices because you never know when they may change their minds and swap their napping spots or partners.

However, you can analyze your paw pal’s sleeping choices to understand their key considerations while selecting an ideal dozing spot or companion. Read through a few deciding factors we have listed here –

1.The nurturer

A fur baby’s foremost need to survive is food. And it is the simple reason why a furry pet can have high regard for humans who offer them sufficient food. So, if you want to gain your furry little’s trust, pamper them with their favorite food items, of course, in moderation. It is a brilliant way to motivate your pet and gain their confidence.

Your furball may look forward to sleeping beside you as they know you will be there for them when needed. Also, your kitty may return the favor by readying some dead critters for breakfast when you were fast asleep through the night.

2.The cozy spot

Feline fur babies love warmth which is why you may often find them curled up under the sunshine. So, if your bed qualifies to be a warm, cat-friendly zone, your kitty most likely snuggles with you at bedtime.

3.The easy escape spot

Even when your kitty prefers to sleep with a particular family member, they will most likely reject the idea of sleeping there if they can’t make a quick getaway from the place.

4.The safe spot

Kitties quickly get accustomed to certain smells and sounds. So, your natural scent and snore may be comforting for your fur ball. They may feel better connected to you and more secure in your presence.

There are plenty of health benefits for humans and pets who sleep together. Undoubtedly, it is one of the great ways to lower stress and enhance the hooman-fur baby bond. Even with all the care and affection, there can be times when your kitty may fall ill or suffer from a disease, allergy, accident, or injury, so consider having pet insurance NZ. Cat insurance comes in different levels of cover you can choose from. So, reflect on your pet’s health needs and affordability before purchasing a pet plan.

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