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Why candidate skills assessment and filtering applications are necessary for recruitment

Many agencies and recruiters undertake pre-employment skills testing. It is done for many important reasons. But the biggest reason is to make sure that the recruitment process is smooth and of the best quality possible. Hence, recruiters need to employ skills testing software to carry out the candidate assessment quickly and effectively.

What comprises smooth recruitment? There are many factors to this. It is important to note that for any job advert, agencies are bound to receive many applications from interested candidates.

But what happens when there is a sudden influx of applications for one single role. How can a recruiter ensure that they are correctly analysing each application? Choosing a handful of candidates to shortlist from the hundreds of applications that have come in is a difficult task. Making use of a good candidate assessment software will help make this a much easier process.

Reasons to use an online skills testing software system

Candidate skills testing software is necessary for assessing a job applicant’s skill set. It not only helps recruiters determine how skilled a candidate is but also to confirm that the individual has the skills they are putting forward in the application. The latter is critical to evaluate whether there’s been any case of skill exaggeration, which is not as uncommon as one would think.

Job seekers might either believe they have a higher level of a certain ability and talent than they actually do or they might just go ahead and note down the skills required in the advert without actually being proficient at any.

Thus, making the most out of an online skills testing software ensures that recruiters can – quickly and from anywhere – get an understanding of the real level of their candidates’ abilities.

An internet connection and a computer device are the two critical things they need for online skills testing. They are, thus, able to save a lot of time and build on efficiency by doing this.

Job interviews cannot give a comprehensive or holistic view of a candidate’s real capabilities. For example, the job seeker might have mentioned being good with numbers in their resume. But unless they actually sit through a numerical skills test, recruiters will never get a concrete idea of just how skilled their candidate is with numbers.

Employment skills testing is not just limited to using literacy skills tests, accounting skills tests, etc. A very important one is the psychometric skills testing which enables recruiters and employers to use this test to assess the candidate on various factors.

Through a psychometric skills tests, it becomes possible to measure their leadership qualities, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, communication style, etc. These elements in their professional and personal traits also help recruiters gauge whether the candidate would be a good cultural fit for the company they are being hired for.

When a surge of applications starts pouring in, it can become challenging for recruiters to keep up. Too many job applications can result in amazing candidates being overlooked due to the time crunch.

Once again, online skills testing software is the perfect answer for dealing with an overflow of applicants. Quickly sending the appropriate skills test to all the candidates and getting the results immediately can help navigate this issue.

It works perfectly with a good recruitment software that is suitable with the assessment software. So, staffing agencies and their recruiters must use it together with a good recruitment CRM to get the maximum benefit out of it.

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