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Why 2022 Can Be Your Year of Financial Freedom

You start every new year with the best of intentions. Eat better, exercise more, and, of course, save more money. But what if 2022 really is the year where you make positive changes to achieve financial freedom?

Your goal is not a pipe dream — it’s possible to make lasting changes to your habits that put you on the path toward financial security. One major thing you can do now is prepare your action steps well before the ball drops at midnight. To get a head start, check out these five tips to help you prepare for a prosperous new year.

1. Identify Your Blind Spots

Before you get started drafting your financial goals for 2022, take a close look at your habits. One way to do this is to talk with friends and family about their perceptions of your spending patterns. This action requires a bit of trust and transparency among all parties. Commit to being honest about your goals and your past failures to generate the best results from this exercise.

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The goal of this task is not to make you feel bad about past mistakes. Instead, it’s to help identify patterns that you may want to improve upon. Are you higher-maintenance than your best friend? Be open to her suggestion that life with fewer mani-pedis is still worth living.

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Take comprehensive notes and pay attention to repeated feedback. Do co-workers mention your frequent lunch takeout runs or streaming show recaps? Once you’ve gotten clarity around the areas you need to work on, you’re ready for the next step.

2. Choose Three Areas to Focus On

During the first exercise, you may have created a multi-page list of financial bad habits. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of work in front of you. Now is the time to acknowledge that you simply cannot tackle it all. Instead, select three of the areas most important to you. Identifying three instead of 30 can help you focus your improvement techniques.

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If your bad financial habits have resulted in a low credit score, you may want to prioritize improving it. Your score is made up of several factors, two of which — on-time payment history and credit utilization — have the highest impact. You can quickly make progress in both of those areas by adding a credit builder card to your wallet.

These cards typically don’t require a credit check, meaning they won’t result in a “hard inquiry” of your credit file. This reduces the potential to negatively impact another factor of your credit score: new credit.

Instead, these cards are secured by a funds transfer from your payment account, which becomes your credit limit. Within months, you can begin building a track record of on-time payments and a reasonable credit utilization.

3. Develop a Tracking Mechanism

Have you ever heard the saying “What gets measured gets managed?” This phrase underscores the importance of regularly checking in on your goals. You may find comfort in the cells of an Excel spreadsheet. You may prefer the colorful and engaging nature of a vision board. No matter what tracking style you prefer, it’s essential to track your progress and check in regularly.

Set a target of weekly, biweekly, or monthly reviews. Prioritize them and take them as seriously as you would a meeting with your boss.

Making check-ins a regular affair can help you maintain forward momentum. Similarly, if you’ve gotten off track, frequent check-ins will give you ample time to course-correct. What’s important here is that your tracking mechanism is in a style and frequency that you can maintain.

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  1. Tell Everyone About Your Goals

While your financial transgressions may have been committed in secret, now is the time for transparency. As with a weight loss goal or career aspiration, vocalizing your desires can help increase your chances of success.

Build a support squad among your friends and family that can help you make progress toward your goal. Consider making your goals visual for yourself by posting them to your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. Say your goal is to save $1,000 by the end of the year. How can your friends support you?

When your friends are keyed into your goal, they may make fewer requests for pricey dinners out or expensive trips. Instead, your goal can spark greater creativity for your get-togethers. Rather than hitting the town, you may opt for a charcuterie-and-cocktail party at your place. An at-home event may even be more fun, comfortable, and delicious while also being budget-friendly.

  1. Celebrate Your Successes and Acknowledge Your Failures

Now that you have your friends and family in full support of your goals, how will you keep them updated? Initiate a group chat where each of you is encouraged to share your goals for 2022 and your progress toward them.

If anyone is struggling, the group can provide support and suggestions. As you have successes, celebrate them. If you end the month with $50 more in savings than your original target, for example, share a screenshot of your account.

Talking about finances and salary has often been taboo, but it’s time to deep-six the stigma. Encourage conversations about spending, savings, and salary to boost your own financial confidence as well as your friends’. Repeated conversations about finances and the challenges often associated with them can be a productive exercise for everyone involved.

If you’re tracking behind on your goal, remember that it’s OK to fail in public. Sharing your progress — or lack thereof — can elicit empathy among your friends. They can temper their spending requests of you and offer encouragement as you get back on track.

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Enhance Your Goals as You Achieve Them

Just like the chain crew in a football game advances the down markers, so should you with your goals. When you’re successful in reaching your $1,000 savings goal, don’t stop there. Financial disasters are almost guaranteed in life. Prepare for future wants, needs, and emergencies by enhancing your goals as you achieve them.

Set your sights on the next $1,000 and beyond now that you’ve established new and healthy financial habits. Aside from reaching your monumental goal, celebrate the success of achievement. Progress on anything in life is made through intentional daily habits. Apply this new skill to every area of your life, and you’re sure to have a prosperous 2022.

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