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Which Cannabis Strains Are the Easiest to Grow?

Or do you want to try your luck at cultivating weed? We are pleased. Growing your marijuana can be one of the most fulfilling experiences a cannabis fan can have. To ensure your success, start with suitable strains. Here are the most specific cannabis strains to grow. They’re ideal for novices. They are also perfect for experienced gardeners who want to get some great bud without putting in much effort.

11. Haze

Haze is simple to cultivate. However, keep an eye on it because it grows swiftly and quickly becomes unmanageable. But it would help if you were alright with a little extra space. When the plant reaches maturity, it will produce many crystal-coated flowers. Cannabinoids abound in Haze, with buds having up to 22% THC. This strain will give you some severe mental highs when you smoke it.

10. Green Crack

When it comes to cannabis consumption, nothing beats Green Crack in terms of popularity—why it’s called Green Crack in the first place. It only takes one try to have a strong desire for more. One good news for producers is that it is one of the most straightforward sativa cultivars to grow. The only potential drawback is that Green Crack is a clone-only strain, which cannot be grown from seed. However, if you can get your hands on a baby Green Crack plant, you should do it immediately. You will be blown away by the bud quality that your plant will eventually produce for your consumption.

9. Blueberry

Blueberry is one of the most specific cannabis strains to grow, and it is also one of the most rewarding. It possesses a distinct set of traits. For starters, flowers have gorgeous streaks of blue and purple mixed in with the green, making them so appealing. And when it comes to ingesting this strain, you will like its terpene profile, which imparts the aroma and taste of berries to the smoke. To top it all off, it’s a reasonably simple plant to cultivate. You may successfully grow this strain both indoors and outdoors with outstanding results.

8. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a legend. It continues to be one of the most popular strains year after year, thanks in large part to the pleasant, uplifting, and inspirational cerebral highs it delivers. It’s also one of the most specific cannabis cultivars to cultivate. This variety is particularly resistant to mildew and root rot, which are common problems with other strains.

7. Blue Cheese

Blue cheese grows exceptionally well under LED lights, making it an excellent alternative for growers who are limited in an area or want to grow indoors without spending a lot of money on expensive lighting systems. It’s also a tough strain that can withstand being submerged in water, overwatered, and stressed. In addition, as it matures, it produces flowers that contain a large number of trichomes.


This strain is noted for giving a nice, balanced high that is noticeable but not overwhelming. After a few puffs, expect a delightful body high that will instantly melt away any stress. The tranquility and sedation won’t leave your couch trapped. Instead, this strain’s relaxing benefits accompany a gentle head high that leaves you joyful, uplifted, and euphoric—a near-perfect high for many medical and recreational users.


Blue Cheese Buds smell earthy, woody, rotten, and fruity, just like blue cheese. However, many Blue Cheese enthusiasts claim that the smoke has a somewhat fruitier taste.

6. Sour Diesel

This Sativa powerhouse is known for creating powerful head highs. They can occasionally turn psychedelic. Seed Supreme is an excellent place if you want to grow this strain. Auto-flowering seeds will enter the flowering period independently, with no adjustments to the amount of light they receive. This makes them very simple to cultivate.

5. Gorilla Glue #4

This strain is well-known for yielding buds that smell and taste fantastic. Gorilla Glue #4 plants are tiny and bushy, making them ideal for indoor cultivation. They excel at the Sea of Green technique in particular. This is a beautiful variety for growers of all levels of experience.

4. OG Lemon Haze

Lemon OG Haze produces a well-balanced high that affects both the head and the body. It has a beautiful sense of uplifting serenity as a side effect of smoking it.

3. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the most accessible cannabis strains to grow for various reasons, and it rates high on our list of the most accessible cannabis strains to cultivate. The most significant advantage is that it is highly durable. It is pretty resilient and will recover from almost any situation, so even if you make a few mistakes along the road, your plant will most likely recover. Similar to that, it does not have a potent smell when it is growing, making it an excellent choice if you need to grow discreetly. This strain is considered a classic of the cannabis world. It’s an indica strain that will give you a whole-body high in a short time.

2. Girl Scout Cookies Auto

This strain produces incredible buds with high levels of THC—sometimes as much as 22 percent—and is known for its potency. Furthermore, the auto-flowering variety is simple to grow. They grow swiftly, flower on their own, and require little to no care after establishing themselves. Any producer looking for the most accessible cannabis strains to grow that produce excellent bud will find this a fantastic all-around selection.

1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a popular choice for home gardeners since she is always entertaining. This is because most plants generate an enormous amount of blossoms. You’ll be surprised at how many flowers you can harvest from a single Wonder Woman plant, let alone a few. Furthermore, they are pretty simple to cultivate and maintain; they are an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

These are some popular and easiest strains to grow. You can Buy Cannabis Seeds to develop strains of your own choice.

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