What is a casino bonus?

Different from real casinos like those in Las Vegas or Monaco, online gaming sites offer major advantages to players. In order to offer a unique gaming experience to their users, online casinos have set up exclusive promotions called casino bonuses. These offers allow players to have fun with larger sums of money, and they have the advantage of building player loyalty for online gaming platforms. Indeed, with reduced costs compared to land-based casinos, they can easily set up this kind of promotion.

Three main families of promotions are available to players:

The welcome bonus

Among online casino promotions, it is probably the most important and used of all by players. Once registered on a gaming site, it is possible to benefit from a sum of bonus money as well as free spins of slot machines on the first, or the first deposits made (Depending on the conditions of the casino). The welcome bonus is an exceptional offer which allows players to play with hundreds or even thousands of additional dollars in their favorite games such as the slot machine or online Blackjack for example. But to take advantage of these promotions correctly it is necessary to understand the conditions:

The no deposit bonus

The second most used and appreciated casino promotional offer by the igaming community is obviously the no deposit bonus. Also called free bonus or test bonus, it is a promotion that allows new players in a casino to test it completely free of charge but still have a chance to win money.

The sports betting bonus

More and more casinos offer players the possibility of betting on all sports and even on all eSports matches. To make the experience as pleasant as possible, many gaming sites have implemented sports betting bonuses, also known as bookmaker bonuses. There are different types, but the two most used are:

The refunded bet: After making a deposit by choosing the refunded promotion, you will have to make a first sports bet. If it is a loser, the entire stake will be refunded to allow losing players to try their chances again without additional costs. The repaid bet bonus is a safety net offered by casinos for bettors.

The free bet: It is very similar to the bet above. In this case, the player is not reimbursed in the event of a defeat, but his first sports bet is free. A sum is allocated allowing you to place a bet on the casino without necessarily having deposited real money. It is a kind of sports betting no deposit bonus.


Ultimately, bonuses are a real advantage in tipping the scales in favor of players. Admittedly, online platforms cannot provide the warm atmosphere of a physical casino, but there are promotions that allow you to play for longer and in much larger libraries of casino games. Interested in using them? Why don’t you visit https://www.freedailyspins.com/? Give it a try. Thank you for reading and have a lucky day!