What are the Best Embroidery Digitizing Software?

As embroidery digitizing is growing, the rest of the things that are attached to it will also grow. Hence, there is numerous embroidery digitizing software that will develop. There will also be numerous new software for embroidery digitizing. Hence, it is crucial that you know which one you are going for. The first step you can do is to create a list of all the features you want and need in digitizing software. This will allow you to find the most relevant software to you so that you can use it easily. Moreover, it is compulsory that you make another list side by side about the requirements as well. This will give you a much better idea of ​​the software you are looking for.

Most of this software is not free hence, they need to be purchased. Therefore, you can always go ahead and use the free trial period to get to know about the software and whether it is up to your taste. This will also give you a glimpse of the rest of the software and also tell you the differences between them. Moreover, another thing to note down about this is that the software will work on your computers or laptops, not on the machines. Hence, you might also want to keep in mind the model of your electronic device and its storage also if it supports the system of your laptop for you to work.

1. Hatcher Embroidery 

The first top-listed embroidery digitizing software is Hatch embroidery 2. This is software that the majority of people use. It is user-friendly. This is the best element to look upon when it comes to software. It is no joke that some software can be hard to understand and keep up with. Hence, for beginners, this is a good choice. Moreover, Hatch is produced by Wilcom. This is a huge commercial embroidery industry. Therefore, this gives the impression that Hatch will surely include all the important tools. There are 4 stages for Hatch and all of them build on top of one another. The first module of Hatch is the Hatch organizer. In this, you will have a simple file viewer, resizer, organizer as well as a converter. It will also include auto fabric assistance.

The best thing about this tool is that it automatically adjusts the design properties to coordinate with the different fabric characteristics. Hence, there is one stress gone when you use this module. The second type is the Hatch personalizer. This includes lettering, changing color blocks, and monograms. The third module is Hatch composer. In this module, things start to get more interesting and beneficial. It has auto-digitizing which is a dream come true for some people. It has some extra tools like layout, creativity, and sequence. It is also an option for multi-hooping and editing design objects. Lastly, the fourth is Hatch digitizing. This has manual digitizing and groovy stitching. Moreover, it has auto and manual elements to create a cutting file machine, and it is photo flash, stitch, and other designing capabilities.

2. SewWhat-Pro and SewArt

This software is much easy to use and it is brilliant for beginners as well. This software is also much more affordable than the rest. SewArt is an auto-digitizing software that can handle different situations very well. There is not a lot of complexity when it comes to using this software. Even if you don’t understand how to use it then you can always watch some YouTube videos on how to get started. There will surely be some instruction videos for this type of software. Moreover, it is also simple to use because it is auto. This means that you don’t need to pull out your hair in frustration because it will handle things for the most part.

Therefore, for a person who has just started or does not want to invest a lot of their time into providing embroidery digitizing services, this would be the best software for them. SewWhat-Pro is also good software. The major thing that people like and also take advantage of is that it has a whole 30-day trial. Hence, you will get all the features and you can use it for a month for free to get to know about its tools. Many people do not consider this as an embroidery digitizing software because it does not allow any conversions such as DST/pes conversion. Hence, the basic function it gives off is designing and it is software made for people who are not serious and who are just new. Hence, it offers great tools and it is clean and simple to use.

2. Embrilliance 

This is one of the most popular software for embroidery digitizing. Just like the first software, Embrilliance also has some steps and different levels which build its way up. The first element is the Embrilliance essentials. In this, you can design basic things, customize them and also edit them. There are basic lettering and monograms, die-cutting machines, split big designs, merge, change thread colors and resize as well. The second feature is the Embrilliance enthusiast which is the advanced editing feature in which you can create a knock-down stitch and baste hoop and save images in different file formats. The third is Emrbilliance stitch artist 1 and 2. This does not have auto-digitizing. However, you can add more digitizing abilities like foam, expansion, and import SVG files.

Embrilliance stitch artist 3 is for the people who want to go to an advanced model and digitizing. The last is Embrilliance express which is free. This allows you to work with different file formats and also lets you import letter files into your program one at a time. Expect for the last one, all of them have to be purchased. One thing that people do not like about it is that it does not have an auto-digitizing feature. Whereas, people who are experts really are not bothered if they have it manual or auto. People who stick with digitizing usually say that the best output comes out when you do it manually.