What Are The Advantages Of A Massage Gun, And How Effective Are They?

Massaging devices’ claimed advantages are impressive, including improved immunity, muscle recovery, flexibility, and joint mobility. A handheld device known as a “massage gun” uses resonance therapy to simulate the “tapotement” technique, in which practitioners move their hands quickly and rhythmically to activate the nerve fibres in the target area. Sports therapists claim this nerve stimulation encourages increased blood circulation and lymph drainage, improving muscle versatility and joint mobility. They loosen up muscle fibres before working out or post-workout recovery, and they can also aid with tight shoulders, necks, or backs from prolonged desk work. A massage gun should be moved upward and downward or left and right in a circular motion, avoiding bony areas and concentrating on the muscles. The best massage guns can range in price from $39 to $650 and can be used daily. For best results, avoid using one if you have a heart monitor and limit your use to no more than 10 minutes.

Advantages Of Using Massage Gun

Aids In Blood Flow

Using a massage gun on the body causes the skin to ripple in a way that resembles waves. According to research from 2014, this accelerates the rate at which blood reaches the area. By increasing the blood flow, the specifically aimed tissue receives fresh blood faster along with more nutrients and oxygen, which is crucial for muscle healing and recovery. Along with several other advantages, the increase may also help to lessen swelling and inflammation.

Favourably Drains The Lymph

Because they stimulate the lymphatic system, massagers may aid the body’s ability to fight infection. This body system controls immunity, and it works to keep you healthy and free from disease. The lymphatic system eliminates body waste and toxins. It pushes lymph fluid from the body’s tissues into the blood and fights infection. You may be familiar with lymph nodes, which serve as filters and are the body’s waste disposal points. They sieve out fluid and other waste products like deoxygenated blood and lactic acid, which are then ejected or excreted via urine, bowel movements, or sweat. They trap or kill anything hazardous that the body doesn’t need. The muscles can operate at their peak efficiency and won’t feel as bulky after a workout if the quantity of fluid from the lymph in the human body is reduced.

Boosts Muscle Flatulity

By relieving stress and fluid from deep within the muscles to speed up tissue metabolism, a massaging device can also help to reduce sore muscles and strain in the body. With a massage gun, a tissue and its countless fibres can relax and become less taut. Many studies have proven this. A 2013 study discovered that massage guns significantly improve hamstring flexibility. A 2021 study also discovered that using a massaging device on the lower limbs for just 10 minutes could increase flexibility.

Better Joint Mobility

Any advantages that come from massaging a muscle also indirectly help to increase joint mobility. It is caused by how your muscles are joined to their bony origins by tendons. A muscle’s successive pressure on the joint, too, is decreased if you relieve some of its tension or assist it in relaxing.


A 2013 study on the effectiveness of massage guns on joint mobility helps reduce tightness and increase hamstring flexibility. In the meantime, 2019 research discovered that they were especially beneficial for knees. When you exercise vigorously, for the first time, or in an unfamiliar setting, you may experience DOMS or delayed-onset muscle soreness. While DOMS cannot be avoided entirely, several studies have shown that massagers can help to lessen pain and soreness, which will hasten the recovery of your muscles.