What are Tekla Structures?

One of the most potent structural BIM tools in use today is Tekla. Tekla Structures make it incredibly easy to generate, integrate, manage, and distribute information. Project managers, structural engineers, designers, detailers, fabricators, and contractors use Tekla Structures. Tekla uses a constructible BIM process and provides accurate project information faster.

The model data can be imported, exported, and linked with other project participants, software, digital building tools, and equipment for simpler processes. With the aid of the BIM Collaboration tool, we can operate independently or in distributed teams at any time and from any location. Teams can collaborate on the same Model simultaneously without their work overlapping.

Highlights of the course’s training include instructor-led live instruction; live doubt-clearing sessions; lifetime access to recorded video lectures; offline revision capability; lifetime login access to the student dashboard; and various other features.


There are several Tekla courses available. There are 28 days in the system. The topics would be:

  1. TEKLA Structures Introduction
  2. Creating the General Arrangement Drawings
  3. Generating the Model Geometry
  4. Report Generation and Plotting
  5. Adding Roof, Foundation, Beam, Column, etc. to the Model
  6. Adding Reinforcement to the Model
  7. Modelling and Drawing Functionality;
  8. Applying Different Types of Connections;
  9. Material Take-off Reports;
  10. Setting Project Information;
  11. Drawing characteristics

BIM Certification Programs:

BIM is a pioneer in Tekla course training, and most industries in India and overseas highly regard its certificate. BIM Certificates are ISO verified, which gives them a high level of credibility compared to other local brands and gives the student priority when applying for job openings in the sector.

By placing a strong emphasis on project-based learning, the highly skilled instructors leading the BIM certification course assist students in developing their skill set. Students can obtain their certificates by login into their dashboards after completing the course, which ultimately secures and authorises the certificates.

A Brief on Tekla Structures

  • Provide data that is constructible

own all the tools necessary to increase BIM accuracy, use data, and lessen expensive surprises. The most significant level of development (LOD) will increase profitability, and uncoordinated construction documents will reduce ambiguity.

  • Work together easily

For more efficient processes, import, export, and integrate your model data with other project partners, software, digital construction tools, and machines. IFC, for instance, allows you to connect with architectural, MEP, and plant design.

  • Provide support and software in your language.

Work with game-changing software tools that complement your distinct processes and culture. Stay informed and educated by using the more than 15 languages available in the software in training. With Tekla, you can take charge of each project and be in complete control.

  • Choose a license that suits your needs

All it takes is a small upfront commitment to quickly advance your initiatives and produce results. Aim high and adapt your license to your needs as your business expands and changes.


Therefore, you can access Tekla structures and its different courses online. Grab a no-cost trial-Work alone or in distributed teams from anywhere, anytime.