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What Are Pod Vapes and Why Are They Better than Disposables?             

For those who have been using vapes for a long time, you’ve traditionally probably seen this as being split into 2 types of devices generally-speaking. There are disposable vapes, and then there are those very large rings that look like missing components off of cappuccino machines. Those have their fans, with their replaceable coils, glass-lined juice chambers and cartridges, etc. I for one have never been a big fan of these due to how cumbersome they are, liking the understated, convenient and very portable nature of disposable vapes that aren’t much bigger than a typical lighter.

I, like many, was unaware of the popularity of pod vapes, despite them having been around for quite some time. When the old generation of e-cigarette’s gave way to modern vape technology, the technology that truly caught on, podvapes were part of the initial debut, and while I won’t name any specific ones here, we all would recognize many of these brand names, especially with the term “pods” next to them.

But, even having looked at one in a package, you may not be entirely sure what these things really are, and the differences between them and disposable or traditional more complicated vaping rigs. It’s actually fairly simple, though, because they are a compromise between the 2. Rather than being completely wasteful and disposable, they are modular not unlike traditional rigs, but unlike traditional rigs, only the pods are really replaceable, and the construction is high quality, compact plastic rather than big bulky pieces of steel, copper and glass.

They are not as cheap as disposables in the immediate sense, but are far cheaper to get into than a traditional rig, and the pods are far cheaper than refillable glass juice chambers, meaning that they are a compromise in this sense as well. If you are a fan of disposable vapes, podvapes might be a reasonable upgrade because they are cheaper in the long run. You may pay somewhat more for the initial device, but you will pay a lot less for the pods than individual replaceables, or glass and steel juice cartridges.

The trick is picking the right one, and picking the right one isn’t so much about finding the right brand or flavor, as that is very subjective. The real task is shopping smart for them, and the best way to do this is to go online after you’ve discovered a product you like. You will still need to find a cheap source of these devices as they aren’t as long-lasting as traditional rigs due to not being repairable nor having discrete replaceable components. The last quite some time, meaning you might have to replace one wants or twice a year, maybe less often than that if you find a good, stable design.

Shopping online for these with a place like Shosha Australia can save you a ton of money on pod vapes, by eliminating brick-and-mortar overhead, guaranteeing availability without competition for shelf space, and further guaranteeing availability if you happen to like a brand and/or flavor that isn’t popular enough for your local store to stock!

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