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Voodoo binding love spells

Not all voodoo spells engage evil and hungry spirits. Many of them don’t work with otherworldly creatures at all and prefer to collaborate with nature spirits and deities. If you respect them, trust them and are nice to them, they can help you cast powerful voodoo binding spells successfully. However, according to one rule of voodoo magic, you can ask one nature spirit to help you only once. Then you should leave it alone and never bother it again, even if you want to thank it for what it’s done for you.

The best way to do it is to work with tree spirits. If you have a garden where some invisible spirits live, don’t bother them and go to a forest instead. Find a nice place and come up to a nice tree. Sit down and spend some time near it, relax and close your eyes. Listen to your heart. Your feelings are very important as this is how you can determine if the spirit is good or evil. If you have a headache, feel tired and confused, scared, dizzy and anxious, don’t work with this spirit. Get up and leave. If the spirit is good, you’ll find yourself in a state of peace and enlightenment, and feel happy and excited. In this case you should be proud of yourself for finding a good spirit for your spell so fast.​

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Voodoo binding spells

After the spirit has been chosen, get it to like you. But before that, select the date for your ritual. Voodoo binding spells are cast at the beginning of the month when the moon is waxing. So first and foremost, select the right date to perform your ritual. Also take your time. You need to get the spirit to like you, which means you should show it that you’re able to increase your energy levels and make your energy pure, light and flowing.

To this end, use our four-week energy restoration method described in one of our previous articles. We won’t specify the article in which this method is described. We want you to find it yourself, because we’re pretty sure you’ll find some more useful information while looking for this article and eventually put it to practice.

Come to the spirit only when your energy is pure. Since you found it next to that tree, that’s where it lives. So bring a bucket or a big plastic bottle (at least a 5 liter bottle) with you. Bring some water from the nearest water spring and water the tree. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to do it if it’s raining. But if you do it after a long period without rain, the spirit will be very grateful to you. Also tree spirits like when the trees and twigs are decorated with ribbons and bells. Do it and the spirit will be much more willing to collaborate with you and help you cast your voodoo love binding spells successfully.

Don’t ask the spirit for anything for the first few days. Let it get used to you and also convince it that you have serious intentions. To this end keep taking care of the tree for at least one week. If you can’t do it because of your job, visit the tree on weekends. When you feel like you’re friends with the spirit now, you may ask it for help. Don’t call the spirit “spirit” and refer to it as “you” as if it were your old friend.

Similarly, use “you” while casting your voodoo binding love spell. If it’s stated in the ritual description that you should use some specific name, still refer to your spirit as “you” and always think about the tree during the ritual, as this will help you stay in touch with the spirit and help the spirit hear you.

The voodoo binding love spell

Reach out to your nature spirit that will help you cast your voodoo binding spell on a sunny day when there is no wind. Adepts of ancient magic which voodoo is too, believe that winds are spirits which have no constant shape or home. Nature spirits are considered to be among the most powerful ones, so your tree spirit might feel intimidated by them if they’re around and refuse to respond to you.

Before saying anything to the spirit, put a candle between you and the three and light it. The color of the candle should be chosen as follows:

  • White – for marriage and first love.
  • Red – for married or divorced people.
  • Blue – for powerful and intelligent men.
  • Green – for powerful and passionate women.
  • Yellow – if the partner is younger testosterone solo cycle than you.
  • Orange – if the partner hasn’t had a serious relationship yet.
  • Brown – to steal a spouse from someone.
  • Purple – if you’re going to use a voodoo doll in your voodoo binding spell.

Spirits always reply to all questions. So watch the candle closely, because the spirit will interact with you through its flame. There is no other way for you to talk to the spirit, unless you have some inner vision abilities. Ask the spirit the following question:

“Will you help me?”

Now watch the candle flame. If it moves towards you (it will move anyway), it means the spirit said yes. If it moves towards the tree, it’s a no. In this case blow out the candle, go home and never come back. If the spirit said yes, continue your conversation with it. Ask it if it wants to come home with you to help you. If the spirit says yes again, tell it the date and the time when it should come (the time you start performing your ritual). If the spirit says no to it, it means you’ll need to perform the ritual near this tree like a real voodoo shaman.

There is one nuance though. If the ritual should be performed at night according to its description, don’t go to the forest. Such rituals can be too dangerous for beginning spellcasters. Forests are filled with evil forces at night and some of them may try to take your spirit’s place. Read our previous articles to find out what happens after. So remember that you can cast your voodoo spell in the forest only if the ritual is to be performed during the day.

Then perform the ritual. When you get the desired result – a loving relationship or family – thank the spirit for its help and tell it you no longer need its services and you won’t bother it anymore. Make sure to keep your promise and never come back to that forest and to that tree.

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