Use Energy-Efficient Blinds to Lower Your Electric Bill

Windows are the gateway and connection with the outside world while preserving the privacy and security of the inhabitants of a house or a building. Windows are also the portals for natural light and air to illuminate and ventilate the indoors. At the same time, windows can also cause discomfort, especially during harsh seasonal climates.

Covering the windows is not merely a decoration but also a practical requirement for privacy and protection from the weather. There are multiple options for window dressing, like a multitude of options for curtains and blinds. When the world is experiencing extreme climate change conditions and economic upheaval caused by the burden on our natural resources and environment and the excesses of our species, choosing an energy-efficient window covering is the need of the hour, not just for ourselves but also for our planet.

Blinds – Efficient and Economical

Blinds are one of the most economical and efficient ways to curtail your electricity and energy bills while reducing solar heat gain and preserving the required ventilation, light, and privacy. Approximately 50% of your home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost due to inadequate covering on the windows.

Choosing the right kind of blinds for your home or office depends on various factors like the aesthetics of the interiors, the purpose the enclosed area is used for, the footfalls at the premises, and the structure and design of the exterior façade. You can choose from vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, motorised blinds, retractable outdoor blinds and more in various materials and designs.

Popular and Energy-efficient blinds

  • Honeycomb blinds: One of the most energy-efficient blinds is the honeycomb shades, specially designed in the fashion of the cellular honeycomb, which works well in conserving energy. The honeycomb style helps in reducing noise and acts as an insulator, keeping you cool in summers and warm in winters. Available in a wide range of colours, you can choose as per the colour and style of the interior.
  • Venetian Blinds: One of the most popular styles of blinds is Venetian blinds. Choose these modern blinds with a streamlined design in aluminium or wood to complement the room. Aluminium Venetians are ideal for the kitchen and bathroom, as aluminium is easy to clean and maintain. The anti-flame slats are designed to reduce glare and can be cleaned by merely wiping the slats. The timber blinds are artificial to emulate real wood and add a cosy effect. The easy-to-clean blinds work equally well in bathrooms and living rooms. An excellent alternative to window shutters. Choose from timber style, Lockwood, and timber-look Venetian in horizontal and vertical styles.
  • Retractable outdoor blinds: Conserving energy outdoors is equally important as conserving it indoors. Making the right choice in harmony with the exterior of your building will enhance the aesthetic look of the building while insulating the interiors, Retractable outdoor blindsare what you are looking for to protect you from the harsh UV rays, hot summer sun, rain and strong cold winds. Made from sturdy materials and weather resistant, they act as a shield from climatic conditions affecting the indoors, which further helps conserve energy.
  • Motorized blinds: Motorised blindsare the most convenient outdoor option, like the balcony or porch. Fitted with a smooth retractable mechanism, they can easily operate the blinds without exposing themselves to the elements.
  • Window blinds: Opting for window blinds is more economical and energy-efficient than traditional curtains or window shutters. Clusters and shutters require constant maintenance and are vulnerable to climatic conditions and seasonal changes. Blinds are also more suitable for high-traffic areas like offices and public buildings and areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas in homes.