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Types of Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen is a place where many spend most of their time. Choosing a lovely benchtop is necessary as one cooks there, which must be of good quality and design. When it comes to kitchen benchtops, there are many options out there. The most common alternatives and their qualities for your convenience are described below. 

Natural Stones

It’s no secret that the aesthetics, practicality, and luxury that come with granite and marble counters make them popular choices for kitchen countertops. Granite is the most popular of the two options, as it provides a long-lasting, stain-resistant surface. Heat (such as from hot pots placed directly on top) can produce cracks in natural stones, which are not temperature resistant. Although marble is a classic and abundant material, it is famously porous and easily damaged. If care is not exercised, it is a fragile stone that can be easily broken. Cleaning and polishing are necessary for marble and granite to maintain their high-end status. 

Engineered Stone Surfaces 

Typical kitchen benchtops are composed of artificial stones like Quartz. These surfaces are pretty popular in domestic design because they are essentially non-porous, making them highly resistant to stains. If acidic chemicals (such as red wine, lemon juice, etc.) aren’t cleaned up right after, they can leave stains on the surface. A hot pot should not be put directly on top of engineered stone, as this might cause it to break or display burn marks. If adequately cared for and fitted, these stones are highly resistant to scratches, cracks, and chips. The price of these stones is heavily influenced by the brand and colouring choice: each company has multiple pricing groups among their collections. Engineered stones are typically less expensive than stone options in most cases. 

Stainless Steel. 

With its non-porous or highly hygienic properties, stainless steel has long been the prefered surface for professional cooks and is used in restaurants worldwide. Benchtops made of stainless steel are better suited to industrial, contemporary, or modern-style homes and are more expensive. Another reason stainless steel is so standard in commercial kitchens is that hot pots may be put right on the surface, not causing any damage. It’s vital to remember that stainless steel is prone to scratching, enhancing or detracting from its visual appeal. 


Wooden benchtops are an excellent option for a country-themed kitchen that is both conventional and classical. A kitchen’s softness is enhanced by the heat and richness of a genuine timber countertop. Numerous types of wood may be used for a benchtop, but bamboo is one of the best because of its strength and longevity. To avoid damaging the finish of the material, avoid placing hot products directly on your timber benchtop. It is possible to alter the colour or character of any wood by staining and polishing. 


Acrylic monomer and alumina trihydrate produce Corian and Staron, two solid surface materials. This non-porous, stain-resistant, and incredibly hygienic surface is ideal for food preparation. These materials come in a wide variety of colours and have the added benefit of hiding surface joints, resulting in a seamless appearance. You can even make your kitchen sink out of the material. As a result, solid surface countertops are prone to be scratched. Professional buffing can bring the product back to life to restore its shine and erase scratches. As a reminder, placing hot items directly on your solid benchtop will harm the surface and overall integrity and is not suggested at all. In terms of price, solid surface benchtops fall into the upper echelons of the market. Colours, additions (such as incorporated sinks, cutting boards, etc.), and shape affect the pricing. 


Laminate is the cheapest option for a benchtop. A decorative film is applied to a water-resistant MDF board to create laminate benchtops (laminate). These two laminate manufacturers in Australia offer a wide selection, from high glossy stone-look benchtops to textured or solid colour alternatives in various colours, textures, and finishes. Laminate is a highly durable product that provides excellent value for money.

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