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Tired and afraid of possible relapse for your loved one during transitional periods?

Presenting you sober companions service.

We know that after the intervention takes place, after you persuade your loved on into going to a rehab center and getting some kind of a treatment that they deserve, and taking care of all the expenses and all the procedures as well as being supportive throughout can be quite grueling, you might be tired of all of these things therefore, there is a thing called sober companions service that will allow a third-party support for your loved one going through the whole addiction ordeal.

There are many ways to get this treatment and this treatment can be quite beneficial for people that have a high chance of relapsing or that have families that are way too much worried, which is what families do—they worry and if they don’t, who will? So, keeping that in mind, sober companions service by Surrender Consulting can do wonders for you and your loved one.

How does sober companions service help?

You might be someone that might have heard this service for the first time, it is understandable but, once you hear it, and how it can be beneficial for you, you will realize for sure that this is something that suits you and will help your loved one going through their addiction treatment. So, without waiting any longer, let us help you understand how sober companions service can help you?

The service can help you in the following ways:

No worries about transport, sober companions service will take care of it.

It is already hard enough to persuade and make the person who is addicted to drugs realize where they are going and where this addiction is leading them. Of course it is leading them on a path to destruction for themselves and for their loved ones. Seeing that, after the intervention with the help of an expert along with friends and families, you will need to take your loved one to the treatment facility. The sober companions service by Surrender Consulting can help you with that by arranging all of the transportations for you such as airport departures, car rentals, emergency transfers as well as all the other small and miniscule aspects that are a part of traveling.

You will be able to get transfers door-to-door.

Every step of the way, a third-party will be there for transfers from one level-of-care to another level-of-care, the clients will be supported throughout it all so that you and your family members can support your loved one in this addiction process without worrying too much about transfers.

Providing transfers and care during post-discharge.

Discharging from a treatment center can be a very worrying sign, it requires safety and security because post-discharge, a lot of things can go wrong, but there need to be no worries when sober companions service is there to help you get the proper and safe transfers into a new environment.

Companions in various stations are offered.

Sober companions that are always in touch with the third-party as well as the guardians are always there, they will be there during appointments, they will be there during various events that the loved one wants to go to as well as functions, they will be there during high-risk situations where a trigger to a relapse can happen. Through the support of a sober companion, you can be sure that you won’t be near anything that will make you want to do drugs or any harmful person can lay a hand on the person, it is a non-invasive way of holding accountability for your loved one.

Therefore, take all the worries out of the recovery process of drug addiction such as transportation needs and not having someone there when you are not there in the form of sober companions’ service by Surrender Consulting.

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