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Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to Your Driveway

Whether it is an attempt to impress visitors to your home or boost the value of your property, curb appeal matters. This front-facing area is what people will see first when approaching your home and thus make the first impression. There are various ways you can boost this appearance without spending much.

Paint Your Front Door

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your door can help make your property look newer and more attractive. You can make the look more striking by choosing a bold color that still manages to complement the rest of the house. You can further update the look with new door hardware. Shop around for a new handle, doorknob, or knocker that will complement your design of a door.


If you have a patch of grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers around the front area of your property, keeping them well maintained will make a positive impression. If you dislike the appearance of bare earth, you can cover up with pebbles or fresh mulch, which has the added advantage of discouraging weeds and retaining moisture. If you do not have space to plant anything but want to add some greenery, consider placing some potted plants along the driveway and front yard. If you have a garage, ensure that you introduce symmetry by working on the landscaping around this entry.

Utilising lawn fertiliser on your grass can help keep your lawn looking lush and green. Not only this, but it will help keep away those pesky unwanted weeds.

Spruce Up Your Mailbox

An often-neglected feature at the front of the home, your mailbox can contribute towards curb appeal. Make sure it is well secured and upright and give it a fresh coat of paint or replace it with a different design. You can play with many features, including changing the material or shape to make your mailbox look more striking and unique. But be sure you do not interfere with mail delivery regulations.

Paint Your Garage Door

If you have a garage, you can use a similar approach to painting your front door to refresh its look. Garage doors are often painted to match the siding but can look better when given a more contrasting shade, preferably the same as the front door. You can also spruce up its appearance by adding new decorative hardware like handles. There are magnetic or temporary options.

Add Seating

If your front porch has some extra space, consider adding some seating here. Adding seating can make the home appear more welcoming and provide a nice place to sit outside, relax and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Hanging seats, porch swings, rocking chairs, and even a simple storage bench with cushioning can work well.

Add Lighting

Providing additional lighting from the street up to your door can make your home seem more inviting and improve security. Intruders are less likely to approach a well-lit property. You can install motion sensor solar-powered spotlights above your door and garage or low voltage options into the ground on your flower beds or along walkways and the drive. There are many options to choose from, which should be well spaced and provide good lighting, especially at night.

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