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Things to do in preparation for cleaning a chimney

Chimneys are essential since they ensure air circulation, and there is no poisoning of the carbon monoxide gas if it does not leave the vent. Burning fires lead to the accumulation of soot and creosote, which might cause fires since they can burn up. You can clean up your chimney by yourself. If you have had a professional cleaning company like chimney sweep cleaning Malibu in the recent past, then it will be an easy process for you to do the cleaning by yourself.

Here is what you have to do;

1. Check if your chimney needs any cleaning

The minimum amount of time chimneys should be cleaned once a year. You can use a flashlight to look through the vent and use a knife to scrape off the layer of the accumulated soot on the chimney walls. If you think it is thick enough, it is time to clean it off. Cleaning off your chimney would work best if cleaned just before the burning season. If you do not, you might spark the fire in your flue when you start lighting the fire during winter.

2. Check if there are any animals

You can find nests, and therefore it is possible to get birds living in your chimney. Not only will your birds, but you can find squirrels and raccoons building their nests there, especially during the cold season as they try to shield themselves from the cold. If you find an animal, the best thing would be to have it moved.

3. Check your chimney flue

Cleaning your chimney will not require the same type of cleaning tools that you use for your everyday cleaning. To get the appropriate tools, you should measure the sides of the chimney from top to bottom. You can or get someone to climb up the ladder and measure it from the roof. When putting down the size, you can overestimate to ensure that you have more room with rope and pipe that you will be used together with the chimney brush to ensure that it reaches each corner of the chimney.

4. Get chimney cleaning supplies

You can get chimney cleaning supplies from the nearest hardware, which include; a chimney brush, which might be wire or plastic. You can get chimney brush extension pipes which will help you clean the entire length of the chimney. You can get a stiff wire brush and a drop cloth which you will use inside the house. If you do not have a ladder tall enough, you might want to get one with a broom and dustpan.

5. Get yourself the appropriate clothing

Getting the appropriate equipment is not enough. You do not want to destroy your clothes with the debris from the cleaning process, and therefore you must get an apron or put on old clothes that you are willing to lose, including throwing them away after use. Get yourself goggles to protect your eyes and a mask for your nose.

The rest of the process involves preparing your house for cleaning and then removing the damper from the chimney.

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