The Whole Leader to Herbs, Usual Curative, and Nourishment

I dedicate this book with love and gratitude to the memory of Dr. John Christopher for all his work and teaching and to Dr. Richard Schulze for keeping this herbal legacy alive and moving it on and into the twenty-fi rst century. It is also dedicated to all herbalists worldwide for keeping safe and sharing the knowledge in the face of constant threats, legislation, and land ravaging.Check the site Filmy god

I may have written a book about natural healing and herbalism, but I am certainly not a natural writer and so, in effect, this book would not have become a reality without my friend Ruth Butterfat led, whose patience, intelligence, and organizational and editing skills have completed this work. Huge thanks also go to Alick and Kevin at Gateway Books for their gentle encouragement and support and to Deirdre Green an and Michael Gill of Gill & Macmillan.

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For this American edition I would like to thank all those at Crossing Press whose very stringent editing skills have impressed me immensely; thank you, Meghan, and team. For “life” support during the writing of this book I would like to thank Dr. Shamim Daya, Professor Linda Fellows, Ray Hill from the British Holistic Medical Association, Anna Piper, Debs Chater, Andrea Stains by, Jack Silverstone, Melanie and Abigail, and also my wonderful family, Nityananda, Lorna, and Jasmine.

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My thanks go to all the practitioners, colleagues, and students who have shaped the information in this book — in Britain, the United States, France, Spain, and India. I wish I could list you all, but I can’t; so many thanks, even to those unmet whose books have taught and inspired me.

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