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Start Excel and recognize elements of the Excel workspace

The Input sheet allows you to specify the default method used for referencing the data in your workbook. The two options are (1) using range names and (2) using range references. You’ll learn about range names and range references in Chapter 2. The Output sheet allows you to specify the default format for your output. You can choose between creating dynamic and static output.

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Dynamic output uses custom formulas which you’ll have to adjust if you want to move your workbook to a new computer. Static output only displays the output values and does not update if the input data are changed. You can also choose the default location for your output, from among (1) a cell on the current worksheet, (2) a new worksheet in the current workbook, or (3) a new workbook. Buy RDP From reliable sites.

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The Charts sheet allows you to specify the default format for chart output. You can choose between creating charts as embedded objects in worksheets or as separate chart sheets. This will be discussed in Chapter 3. The Hidden Data sheet allows you to specify whether to hide worksheets used for the background calculations involved in creating charts and statistical calculations.

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All of the options specifi ed in the StatPlus Options dialog box are default options. You can override any of these options in a specifi c dialog box as you perform your analysis. You can learn more about StatPlus and its features by viewing the online Help fi le. Help buttons are included in every dialog box. You can also open the Help fi le by clicking About StatPlus from the StatPlus menu.

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