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Some of the most common types of construction injury

A construction site has several risks of the workers getting injured and if a worker gets injured during the work they are entitled to getting a workers compensation. In order to get the best amount as compensation, the injured worker must contact the best workers compensation lawyer in Phoenix. Here are some common types of injuries that can result from working in a construction business.

Injuries from objects falling

The construction sites are susceptible to falling objects, and an object like a tool falling from above will end up hurting construction workers if they are not secure. It is important that all the workers wear appropriate gear for safety so that they can avoid being hurt by these objects


Workers on a construction site are also prone to falling and getting injured. Examples of these falls are falling from the scaffolding, roofs, ladders, etc.

Hazards related to fire

Many hazardous conditions like leaking pipes, flammable chemicals, exposed wires can be found in construction sites and can lead to explosions and fire which can prove to be fatal for the workers and cause severe injuries.


The construction workers are at risk of being in hazards like trench or building collapses. For example, a building, which is being demolished for some reason can suddenly collapse and be a cause for serious injuries to the workers on the site.

Injuries resulting due to equipment

A lot of heavy machinery is present on a construction site which is used in the process of construction. If the equipment used is unsafe or doesn’t meet the safety standards, it may cause very serious injuries. Even if the equipment is safe, it can be prone to accidents, for example, a nail gun can misfire and hurt the workers present there.

Crushed in between, and backovers

A construction site is such a site where the workers are at risk of accidents like running over by heavy trucks while they are on the site. Accidents of a worker being crushed by walls, or heavy vehicles also happen

Sites related illnesses

The workers who are working on a construction site are also prone to several diseases for example they are exposed to high levels of lead. They are also susceptible to several respiratory diseases like asbestosis and silicosis.

These are some types of injuries that can occur at a construction site and thus knowing about workers’ compensation becomes important.

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