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Filing for divorce is a life-altering decision that has consequences. Fortunately, Texas allows for no-fault divorces. If you and your spouse agree on the key aspects, you can finalize the divorce within 60 days (there is a cooling-off period of 60 days in Texas). Here comes the big question – Should you consider hiring a divorce lawyer in Houston? We have a few pointers below for your help. 

Divorces are inherent complex

You may know people who brag about completing a DIY divorce. No law makes it mandatory to hire an attorney for your divorce in Texas. However, a DIY divorce may not be the wisest idea. There are key aspects that couples typically argue about – child custody, child support, alimony (also called “maintenance” in Texas), and distribution of assets and debts. If you believe that your spouse is likely to cause problems with these matters, you need to lawyer up. 

When your spouse has a lawyer

In Texas, the same lawyer cannot represent both spouses in a divorce. If your spouse has lawyered up, it is a clear pointer that they want to protect their interests. Regardless of the circumstances, you have your rights too. It is common for people to assume that they can handle the negotiations with their spouses. When that doesn’t happen, they end up paying more to get an attorney. Before starting the proceedings, talk to an attorney about the divorce process and your legal options. 

Minimizing the stress

If your spouse has threatened you with dire consequences, or when you believe that you have security and safety concerns, contact an attorney. They can get you necessary orders from the court. Also, the actual divorce paperwork can be overwhelming. With an attorney on your side, you don’t have to deal with anything independently. They can draft and review the papers and documents before you sign, and if you don’t want to communicate with your spouse directly, they can do that for you. Two attorneys working to finalize a divorce are likely to reach a settlement sooner. 

Cost of divorce lawyers

If yours is an uncontested divorce with minimal hassles, you can expect the lawyer to ask for a flat fee. A lot depends on the facts and complexities of the divorce. It is best to get an estimate from the attorney in advance. Your divorce will cost a lot more if you and your spouse cannot agree on important things. 

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