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Shapewear Bodysuits Are Hot This Summer, and Waistdear Has a Whole Section of Customer-Loved Pieces

Summer is fun time! Wear your favorite summer outfits with the most customer-loved pieces from Waistdear. Whether you’ve reached your summer body goals or not, you can benefit from the waist cinching, and butt lifting effects of well-made body shapers. Make your outfits look flawless and confidence-boosting with these items:

Smooth and Sexy Silhouette? It’s Possible with Waistdear

Be at your best with a shapewear that will support your every move. Whether you plan on vacationing with your family, shopping in the mall, going to a nearby park, walking your dog, or even catching up with few friends downtown, this front zipper full body shaper will support your body while wearing both casual and dressy clothing.

You can also wear this as is because it can make. For a great tank top substitute due to its fitted form. You can simply put on a cardigan or a scarf.

Wholesale High Waist Shaper Shorts Tummy Control Bodysuit For Women

Curve Creator

This curve creator is one of the most versatile pieces, hence becoming one of the most-loved wholesale shapewear by customers.

You can wear it with a backless dress, or use it as a sexy top. You can wear it with a pair of ripped jeans, a cute jean skirt, or a mini dress.

This is ideal to wear during festivals, road trips, beach vacation, casual brunch dates, and even date nights.

Wholesale Large Size Full Body Shaper Fajas Front Zipper Smooth Abdomen

Boost Your Confidence with a Butt Lifting Shaper

Focus on your physique with Waistdear’s best-selling high waist shaper and tummy control bodysuit and butt lifter that will highlight your curves while giving you an hourglass figure.

Wholesale Curve Creator Breathable Sexy Adjustable Strap Solid Color Full Body Shaper Shaperwear

U-Design Compression Shapewear

Enjoy a sexy summer with backless dresses and tops and not worry about clothing malfunction while wearing this U-Design Compression Shapewear.

It has a very feminine and figure-flattering silhouette that will aid in highlighting your butt, bust, and hips.

Wholesale Back U Design Comfy Compression Shapewear with 5 Steel Bones

Highlight Your Curves with a Long-Sleeve Bodysuit

Find a top that will fit your like a glove at Waistdear. Perfect for those summer days when it’s a little windy, and you want to cover up a bit.

This bodysuit is unlike other long-sleeve tops you can buy. It has a stretchable yet skin tight feel that would highlight every bit of your curves.

Beautiful and Bold in a Black Thong Bodysuit

Be a modern gal with a stylish sheer black long sleeve that will help shade your body from the sun but will still keep you feeling fresh with its thin yet reliable shaping fabrics. It clings like a second skin and will feel as if you’re not really wearing anything.

You can definitely wear these body shapers as is, and layer them appropriately for a hot summer body! Not only do you get a body shaping garment that will bring out the best of your curves, but you also get tops that look sexy and figure-flattering.

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