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Romantic ideas for your lovely on holidays

If you have been in a relationship for quite some time, you might want to bring some romance to revitalise it.

Romanticism has this “magical” side to it. It will not go as far as transforming an ordinary relationship into a fairytale but it can add some fantasy, wonder and charm. And being romantic is sometimes necessary to show your lover that you actually care about her. Hotel furniture suppliers keep a range of activities in mind when they fit out rooms for a hotel, whether that’s sleeping, dining or romantic dancing!

As a rule of thumb, showing your romantic side is mostly effective when your partner does not expect it. You must be able to surprise her. It means that you do not wait for Valentine’s Day or for her anniversary to show you your romantic side. Express it at any given moment. Spontaneity is key. Like usher her away on a small vacation on holidays or give them a blasting surprise with gifts and

Below are two of our favourite ideas:

Dinner by the candlelight (Classic. But it never gets outdated.)

Choose a quiet place – preferably one she does not know with a sifted light where you will not be disturbed (do not forget to turn your mobile off!). There is no romantic dinner without candles. At some point, put a letter under her plate that says something special about your relationship.

You want to have something for the five senses. Not only do you want to have some tasty food, you also want the place to look good – you want to look good! The place should have soothing and relaxing music in the background. Put on a light fragrance. And last but not least, touch your lover lightly from time to time.

Better still, do it at home. Put on romantic tunes from your own collection. And for those who may wonder… indeed that would be a dinner you would have prepared yourself and not the traitor.

The perfumed bath

If you have access to a bath, what is more romantic than a shared bath! Simply add in water some perfumed oils and bath salts. You can also make bath foam. Candles and a glass of champagne may complete this perfect romantic picture.

Some more ideas

  1. While she is not there, put on rose petals in her bedroom, and a chocolate box under her pillow…
  2. Watch a romantic movie: we suggest not going for obvious or classic movies such as Casablanca or Titanic. We especially recommend Before Sunrise and Before Sunset with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. It begins with a young man meeting a woman on a train in Europe, and winding up spending one romantic evening together in Vienna…
  3. Take her dancing. And no, taking her to a rave party is not romantic. Go for a dancing session where you can dance eye to eye. Salsa or tango will do.
  4. Try the theatre. And as for the movies, We suggest not going for some big production but rather for some youth or amateur play.
  5. Just changing the environment can be romantic. Take her out of town, maybe stay in a nice hotel and go for a walk in the neighbourhood or even milking cows in a farm.
  6. And if you are lucky to reside near the coast, go to a quiet beach on a nice evening, build a fire and have a picnic.
  7. Get her a delicious dessert of their choice from premium cake delivery in Lucknow services to make her feel special.

That is it. Have fun with those ideas.

And do not forget romance is meant to be used as pepper, something to do once, at most twice a month! Overuse it and you will suffer.

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