Reasons why you should order your stickers from professional sticker makers

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of sticker marketing? Have you been reading about sticker marketing, but are unsure how to go about finding the perfect stickers for your business? Or maybe you are looking for ways to outsource your sticker printing?

No matter if you are after custom vinyl stickers, effect stickers or intricate die cut labels, the process of getting your stickers made should be easy and stress-free. While there are many great articles out there that guide you through making your own stickers at home, it can sometimes be quicker and more cost-effective to reach out to professional sticker makers. 

In this article, we will give you the top four reasons why and when it can be worth getting your custom stickers printed professionally. Are you ready? Then let us jump right in. 

1. Great materials to choose from 

Using stickers, you can communicate your brand values to your customers. Professional sticker printing companies usually offer a great variety of sticker materials. This allows you to create custom vinyl stickers beyond the traditional options. 

There are many great self-adhesive materials available for you to use at home, however, since printing companies order their material in bulk, it can often be cheaper to buy your stickers directly from them.

This gives you a lot of flexibility and means that you can order specific materials in smaller quantities. Are you launching a luxurious limited edition product range? Then brand them with metallic holographic labels to give them a premium finish. Or maybe you have a sustainable range? Invest in a few biodegradable stickers to share this value with your customers. 

2. Professional know-how

While you are a great business owner or marketer, designing for print or digital printing might not be your area of expertise. Do not worry about that, you are not alone. Many professional sticker printers are there to help you get the perfect sticker. 

You want to make sure you choose a company that will send you a digital design proof before they print your stickers. This means that you will be able to see what your design will look like as a sticker. 

Most sticker makers also allow you to leave instructions for their designers to pick up on. Are you after a glitter sticker, but only want certain parts of your design to have a glittery effect? Not a problem, they can do that for you. 

3. State-of-the-art equipment 

At-home printing works well for simple shapes and colors. However, if you are after high-quality, vibrant colors or effects, or are looking for a precise, yet complicated cut line, professional printing companies can help you achieve the best possible result. 

The more complex your design, the more work it will be for you to do it at home. But why compromise, when you can simply benefit from the equipment sticker printing companies use daily? With digital printers and laser cutters, they can create amazing results in minutes, without you having to get out the scissors.

4. Lean back and relax

Most importantly, going with a professional printing company means your stickers are one less thing you need to worry about. As a business owner or marketer, there are always dozens of tasks waiting to get done, so why spend your valuable time thinking about the process of making stickers, when you can add value in so many different ways? 

Choosing professional sticker makers means you can outsource this task and be sure to receive a high-quality product delivered by experts without having to worry. Doesn’t that sound good? 

If you are thinking about getting custom stickers done, we highly recommend looking into professional printing companies to save you time and often even money. Should you have any questions on what to look out for when choosing a sticker printer, please let us know in the comments below.