QR Codes for Hurricane Season Information Drive

The hurricane season has started, and the damages it may incur can cost trillions of dollars. This 2022, the number of homes in the US at risk of getting damaged rose to 7.8 million.

This can amount to 15 million people affected during a hurricane.

Some states are now using QR codes as a means of sharing safety and information about hurricanes, helping people anticipate possible damages and saving lives.

Many states are now implementing the use of QR codes to easily share hurricane related-information and guides, thanks to the best QR code generator online.

Learn how states and disaster prevention agencies use QR codes to keep people safe.

Best use cases of QR codes for hurricane safety and information drive

QR codes for Disaster Response Hotlines

The local government and disaster prevention agencies can use QR codes to store their disaster response hotlines. This way, the residents will only have to scan the code, view the hotline numbers, and save them for future use.

Saving the hotline numbers is part of the disaster preparedness activities residents must exercise to lessen the damages in their area.

They can use a QR code generator with logo software to customize their Emergency Hotline QR code, so it stands out among all the other posts.

A QR code map showing the nearest evacuation centers

If you live in a hurricane hotspot and are advised to move out before the hurricane strikes, getting the fastest route to the nearest evacuation center is essential.

A printed map is prone to damage or can be lost.

To solve this issue, disaster risk management offices are now supplying their residents with a digital copy of their evacuation map, storing them in a PDF QR code ,and placing them on their county bulletin board.

You can scan the QR cod, then view and save the evacuation map on your phone.

QR codes for hurricane safety measures

The local disaster risk management agencies are getting creative in informing people about the safety measures before, during, and after the hurricane.

The Dorchester County Emergency Management of South Carolina are using QR codes and beer to creatively inform their residents about the hurricane and how to prepare.

They partner with local brewery Tradesman Brewing Co., to make their hurricane awareness campaign more accessible. The QR code is placed in the beer can and when scanned, it redirects to the county emergency management online hurricane guide.

QR code donations for hurricane relief drives

After the number of affected families are identified, local disaster risk management offices collect donations for clothes, food, and other goods.

QR codes can be used as a gateway to accelerate these donation drives.

One good example is the American Red Cross’ initiative after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. They launched a campaign using QR codes, and collected 312 million dollars that went out to everyone affected.

QR codes for connecting with other hurricane survivors

As a way to heal and cope with the traumatizing experience, local government agencies are launching programs to help affected individuals discuss their experiences, and start their rehabilitation efforts.

The Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana states use the QR code technology to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew in 2012 and encourage survivors to share their stories by scanning the QR code posted on their sites.

QR codes go above and beyond when relaying information. As they can be easily edited and customized, they will definitely stand out from all other posts and will entice people to scan them.

This life-saving initiative extends to businesses, livestock, and roadside damages during natural disasters like hurricanes.

Preparing for an incoming hurricane can be dreadful for most people. Risk reduction offices can use QR codes and find new ways to share information and reach more people.