Men, Don’t Let Your Summers be Dull When You Have a Hat!

You don’t want to get bored this summer. That’s why it can be essential to participate in outdoor activities during this season. One of the choices could be hiking because it allows you to take in all the beautiful views of nature and has countless other perks such as playing with your dog, spending time with family, etc. Hiking is one of those rare types of physical activity that can make any day worth remembering. There are a lot of different trails and paths to explore. Perhaps you’ve been on some tracks before but never stopped to appreciate what’s around you – for example, see how fresh and fragrant the flowers smell?

Sure, that might be one example out of a million, but what’s important is that our vision could use some better focus to get through hectic days even when they’re too sunny. However, don’t forget that such pastimes entail wearing appropriate clothes to remain comfortable, well-hydrated, and protected from the sun. It would help if you had sunglasses and some good protection for your head from the sun, like a straw hat. Straw hats make everything easier during the summer months. Of course, straw has to be the choice for its ability to be lightweight, airy, and comfortable. It can keep your head adequately cool while covering it thoroughly well from the harsh sun rays.

While that primarily covers practicality, you may wonder about your style and fashionable look. Well, straw-made headwear caters to both aspects perfectly. Since there is nothing to doubt about their function, here is a glimpse of specific hat shapes and forms that speak volumes about their stylishness.

Panama hats

Panama hats are straw hats that find their origin in Ecuador. The price of a Panama hat can vary depending on where it’s from and what type of weave the fabric makes up the hat’s brim. A more refined straw means more robust material, and a tighter weave usually results in more expensive hats because they tend to be of higher quality. Panama hats can be fun to own with solid integrity and a somewhat cotton-like texture. You can pair it with your loafers and linen shirts for that casual look.

Fedora hats

One of the most common hats that has stayed popular into the 21st century is arguably the fedora. The hat comes with a pinch on each side, forming a deep indent in the front and a middle dent on top. Although first designed in the 1920s, the fedora has been in style ever since. Back then, it was best known as a ‘broad-brimmed felt hat.’

However, with time, fedora underwent many subtle transformations in their physical features and the use of the material. While this hat in straw material can be a great casual piece, one may choose to wear it when dressing formally if they so desire. Typically worn with jeans or other components of casual clothing, one can also wear them in business settings depending on the theme.

Boater hats

This specific headwear piece may have many names; it can be available in different parts of the world with different identities. No matter what anyone might call it, though, this hat has been a popular choice for sailors for many years. The boater hat most commonly goes by the name – sailor cap. Cotton and straw have been the original materials. You can also find them on other bases, such as wool and plastic. However, if you want better protection from the sun while keeping up with your style, go with the straw versions.

The hat designs have evolved into their current form, a semi-circular crown with some stiffener, and depending on the style, the brim may also vary. Today they are less visible than they used to be because people don’t wear them anymore. However, they make familiar sights in old-fashioned events such as weddings or fancy balls where everyone dresses up formally. Anyway, made with stiff straw to provide firmness to its brim and crown, you don’t have to think twice about wearing them at any vintage-style parties. On a Straw Hat Day, you don’t even need a reason.

Straw summer hats come in fascinating ranges and styles. You only have to study your options well and find a trusted store. A hatmaker with a long history in this field can be your best bet. You can trust their craftsmanship and know-how. Some designs can look expensive, but you can look at them to guarantee quality for your investment. Since their image will be at stake, they don’t deal in substandard items. You can also shop for your favorite thing without worries as you know they have taken all the care to deliver the finest product. So, are you ready to rock your summer look with straw hats that still strike a perfect balance between style and function, unlike many others?