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Market data for hemp and hemp products in Italy

Overview information

1.1 Situation of hemp and hemp products

Italy is one of the most promising hemp markets in Europe, with the last ten years. In the past, the market value of the Italian hemp sector has grown exponentially. Especially in the past three years. After the enactment of the Free Cultivation and Distribution of Hemp Law in 2016 that allows growers to be able to can be grown without permission Its purpose is to support and develop the production and processing chains. Hemp has made Italy one of the countries with the most open and up-to-date CBD kaufen-industry laws in Europe.

After such legislation, There are specialty stores that sell ingredients and where they come from. Over 1,000 hemp stores (especially in 2018) have been registered for hemp farming businesses. In particular, 800 more and 1,500 companies in the processing and distribution sector create more than ten thousand cases and trade value is around €150 million (in Europe it is around €36 billion).

Product sales From the survey of entrepreneurs in the hemp industry

Eng4Life ( shows that The main business of Italian companies operating in the hemp sector is:

58% retail (15% online and 85% offline retail where products are sold. The most profitable for this type of company is bouquets, followed by products for smokers and e-cigarettes). 39% are cultivated (of which 62.7% are solely cultivating, while 37.3% are engaged in other businesses as well, such as

Retail 22% Hemp producer 6.8% and 8.5% fully integrated) and 3% of companies in Italy is the manufacturer. The most popular products are food products. (80% of specialty stores sell such products) and food supplements, cosmetics, drugs, and pharmaceuticals (38%), as well as products for the green building sector, where 43.9% of manufacturers turned to focus on importance and development on the contrary original product group such as paper and textiles and goods innovations such as bioplastics and biofuels are still not as widespread as they should be.

In this regard, the types and purposes of using hemp in Italy are: (1) medical, (2) industry and (3) recreation.

1.2 Distribution channels

– Industrial Sales (farmers/manufacturers and distributors)

– Retail sales (85% of which 17.3% are franchise businesses) and distribution online (15%). In Italy, the distribution channel for recreational cannabis products (also known as CBD kaufen light containing less than 0.5% THC and hemp-derived products in the form of distribution in retail and online distribution The retail stores of such products are likely to grow after Legislation on the free cultivation and distribution of hemp in 2016, especially in large cities where People can buy legal hemp at.

– Some tobacco shops (Tabacchi), although they are still small in number. But at present, it can be valued. Over 10 million euros, 1-5 grams of packaged goods are sold, with an average price of 11 euros/gram.

– Grow Shop is a specialized store. Provide information about equipment and products for planting. Recreational cannabis (cannabis light) also sells fiber products. Hemp or hemp-derived products such as oils and extracts and seeds and inflorescences that follow the law.

– various retail stores and online distribution Selling hemp for recreational smoking (cannabis light) and hemp-derived products freely with commercial licenses.

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1.3 Market trends

Italian hemp business operators predict that The future of cannabis cultivation in Italy has positive outlook, with 90.2% of operators expecting more producers and overall production, while prices will remain unchanged (56.1%), according to the forecast “The European Cannabis Report.” prohibition Partners, a legal hemp market data and advisory firm, show that the turnover of the Italian hemp market will be €15.8 billion (€7.5 billion comes from pharmaceuticals) and pharmaceuticals and €8.3 billion from recreational use), plus 24.7 billion in industrial sectors. (CBD kaufen and others containing less than 0.6% THC compounds for growers/producers) totaling 40.5 billion Euro, or equal to 68% of the total turnover in the Italian agricultural sector. while the market value. Total Europe will reach 123 billion euros by 2028, with 58 billion euros coming from pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals and 65 billion euros from recreational use) and within five years, the European hemp market will be the largest in the world.

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