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Live Sports Broadcast Solutions

If you’re looking for a live sports broadcasting solution, this article is for you. It covers Harmonic’s VOS360 platform, Bally Sports, and FLOSPORTS. Each company offers a unique solution tailored to its customer’s specific needs. Read on to learn more.

Harmonic’s VOS360 platform

As more live sports shift to streaming, Harmonic has evolved to serve this growing sector. The company has invested in the VOS360 platform, a cloud SaaS solution that helps broadcasters create linear channels faster and with higher quality. The platform uses EyeQ AI-based encoding technology to reduce buffering time and improve streaming quality.

The VOS360 platform offers unprecedented scalability and agility. It runs on three major public clouds and offers low latency with high fidelity video quality up to UHD. In addition, the cloud platform’s pay-per-use model allows operators to only pay for watermarking when they need it.


PMTV provides complete live broadcasting 해외스포츠중계 and production solutions for all types of events. The company provides satellite uplink trucks, mobile production facilities, and pre-production and post-production coordination services. It also offers streaming and webcasting solutions. Broadcasting consulting is also available. With years of experience, PMTV can help you make the best of your broadcast.

PMTV provides live production solutions for events including the Women’s Rugby Super Series, an international rugby competition featuring some of the World’s Best National Rugby Teams. This competition aims to improve the exposure of women’s rugby around the world. The company can provide complete production services to ensure the event is broadcasted live and without any glitches.

Bally Sports

Bally Sports offers live sports broadcast solutions to more than 25 markets in the U.S. and Canada, including the NBA, NHL, and college sports. The company offers subscriptions to various sports networks, which include ESPN and ESPN2. In addition to live sports broadcasts, Bally Sports also provides video on demand. The network offers up to twenty hours of Cloud DVR and 45,000 on-demand titles. In addition, the network provides broadcasts for the Charlotte Hornets, Memphis Grizzlies, and Atlanta Hawks.

Bally Sports Plus is a $20 per-month subscription service that offers live sports programming from more than twenty media territories. It is available on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Android mobile phones. It is also available on the Bally Sports website.


FloSports is the leading innovator of live digital sports, streaming more than 10,000 live competitions a year and offering on-demand sport coverage. To support its 24/7 schedule, FloSports has chosen TVU Networks, a global technology leader in live IP video solutions. TVU’s technology allows FloSports to stream and publish their live and on-demand events at the same time.

The live streaming services used by sports fans are becoming hugely popular, with millions of viewers tuning in for their favorite teams and players. LiveU helps these services upload the footage from camera action in the field. With FloSports’ live streaming camera system, sports events are now accessible to the masses. Furthermore, the company is creating new sports content, including for high school and middle school sports. It is also developing a new live streaming camera system to make streaming these live events even easier.

Harmonic’s channel variant innovation

Harmonic’s channel variant innovation for Live sports broadcast solutions provides a new way for broadcasters to deliver personalized content to fans. Channel variants are individualized linear channels segmented from the primary linear feed. They can be used to increase viewer engagement and provide new revenue opportunities.

Channel variant innovation provides channel owners with the ability to target specific audiences with targeted ads. For example, a regional sports network may want to run a football game on the weekend instead of on a Monday. With this type of content, viewers would be more likely to click through the ad, resulting in higher viewer engagement.

Harmonic’s 8K UHD HDR

Harmonic’s cloud streaming software-based solution is the first public cloud to support Dolby Vision(r) live HDR content. This enables broadcasters to automate live HDR video delivery while providing incredible viewing experiences to viewers. The solution also supports Dolby Vision, ensuring interoperability with a broad range of consumer devices. The solution is designed to simplify operations for video streaming providers and broadcasters alike.

The solution combines VOS SaaS with Harmonic’s scalable cloud platform. It can support live, linear, SVoD, and time-shift OTT services. Because the solution runs in the cloud, adjusting the capacity and resources for different content types is fast and easy.

Harmonic’s 8K 8K

Harmonic is a leading provider of video delivery and virtualized cable access solutions. Its innovative cloud-based platform and software enables service providers and media companies to deliver ultra-high definition, high-resolution video services. Whether you need to stream a live sporting event or manage multiple channels for your business, Harmonic can deliver the solution to meet your needs.


The company’s 8K Live Sports broadcast solution is built for both live and on-demand delivery. It is capable of delivering up to eight-kilobit streams in any format. Its software also supports UHD and HDR, and is capable of on-premise or cloud-based channel origination. In addition, it supports SMPTE ST 2110 and AMWA IS-04 and IS-05 specifications. The solution also supports CDN-enabled primary distribution. A VOS360 SaaS enables programmers to deliver 8K content to distributors and viewers via CDN.

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