Krista Monteleone and Michelle Rounds

Krista Monteleone and Rounds married in December 2016. Both were living in Windermere, Florida. In photos from their wedding, the couple can be seen raising glasses during dinner and standing outside a library. Sadly, Rounds passed away a few days later. The couple’s love story continues to be the subject of gossip. Read on to learn more about Krista and Rounds’ relationship Webshots. Listed below are some facts about Krista Monteleone.

Rosie O’Donnell and Michelle Rounds’ daughter, Dakota, were adopted by O’Donnell and became a reality TV star. Michelle Rounds met her wife, Krista Monteleone, on the street. She went on to work as a recruiter for Modis, a company in the IT staffing industry. She eventually worked for a Fortune 500 company as a senior recruiter 3net. After their marriage, they adopted Dakota, their daughter.

Did Bruce Willis date Avril Lavigne? The singer has a complicated dating history. The singer has been married twice, most notably to Chad Kroeger and Deryck Whibley. During their time together, she suffered personal setbacks, including Lyme disease, but is now a busy woman Lockerz. Did Bruce Willis date Avril Lavigne?

Some speculate that the singer is dating the front man of Sum 41, a rapper. However, her recent boyfriend is a rapper named Mod Sun. The two have a relationship that began when the singer got engaged in Venice, Italy, in June 2005. During the engagement process, she began to wear a heart-shaped tattoo on her wrist Bayimg. Those who believe Lavigne and Willis are a couple have been wondering when the singer is likely to marry.


The singer and actor met when they worked on a song together. They were introduced to each other by mutual friend Machine Gun Kelly. The two were reportedly “seeing each other” before the song came out. It is unclear when the couple first met, but the singer and actor were in touch soon after. It appears that the pair are still together, and the love story continues to grow Streamzoo. If Bruce Willis did date Avril Lavigne, it would be the second time that they’ve dated.