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jack herer feminized

When you buy Jack Herer feminized seeds, you get a piece of history to grow it at home. The name of this strain honors one of the greatest advocates for marijuana in the past 50 years. His long struggle to educate people on the benefits of cannabis still resonates today.

Jack Herer regular is created by mixing Northern Lights #5, Haze, and Shiva Skunk. Jack Herer feminized seeds have a mysterious cultivar added to the mix to obtain seeds that only grow feminized plants. You don’t have to worry about male crops with this strain.

We’re going to take a deep dive into this cultivar and learn how we can grow it and care for the plants. Stick around, and you’ll also get to know where to buy the best feminized Jack Herer seeds in the USA.

Jack Herer feminized seeds description

Jack Herer feminized seeds grow unique marijuana plants bearing strong sativa genes capable of lighting up your senses. The strain was created back in the Netherlands in the mid-90s’. It was conceived as medical marijuana but later transitioned to a top recreational choice.

The cannabis obtained from Jack Herer feminized seeds is a wonderful option to boost your motivation. After a busy day, you get a second wind, some extra inspiration, and a mood-boosting high to refresh your ideas.

The strain also hides your introvert tendencies and makes you very chatty. The nugs obtained from Jack Herer feminized seeds keep the terpene profile of their Haze heritage. The taste of this marijuana is unique, with a mix of sweet, nature, and spices hitting your taste buds.

Growing Jack Herer feminized seeds requires a bit of gardening experience. The good news is that the plants are incredibly resilient and capable of withstanding rough conditions. These crops grow pretty large, and their sativa genes make them stretch wide.

Jack Herer made a name for himself as one of the fiercest marijuana advocates. The strain bearing his name lives up to its title regarding achievements. Jack Herer feminized seeds have won numerous Times High Cannabis cups—everyone should try it at least once.

Jack Herer feminized effects

Jack Herer feminized seeds grow cannabis plants that hit your senses with a 15–19% THC content and less than 2% CBD. These numbers sound about average if you’re an experienced marijuana connoisseur, but the nugs have a reach that goes beyond the basic effects.

When you smoke cannabis from feminized Jack Herer seeds, the sativa genes are the first ones to kick in. Your head experiences a sudden rush of adrenalin that quickly moves to your body. You feel alert, energized, and capable of taking on any challenge.

The intense body high stays with you for a solid hour, maybe more. You can finish off that project that’s been taking a while or indulge in your creativity to get a lot done. The cannabis from feminized Jack Herer seeds is excellent if you’re a designer or a writer.

As the effects progress, your muscles stop feeling any tension. You feel clear-headed and eloquent. If you’re in a social gathering, you’ll find how easy it becomes to exchange ideas or get into debates.

After a few hours, the indica side of Jack Herer takes over your body. Your limbs get heavier, and any chair will look comfortable. If the effects hit you in bed, kiss the day goodbye and enjoy a good night’s worth of sleep.

There’s no significant downside to consuming cannabis from Jack Herer feminized seeds. Indulging too much in it can cause a bit of drowsiness or mild paranoia if you haven’t built THC tolerance. Just keep bottled water and eye drops close by to deal with the usual aftereffects.

Jack Herer feminized flavors

The marijuana obtained from Jack Herer feminized seeds offers an atypical experience when it comes to taste and aromas. The strong genetics of these seeds provide a unique experience mixing sweetness and nature into a single robust package.

The sweet side of cannabis from Jack Herer feminized seeds takes a lot from ripe fruits and herbs. The strong aroma feels intertwined into the plant’s flavor, boosting a solid chemical reaction when smoked that brings out more potent natural aromas.

A mixture in smell and taste of damp soil, musky trees, and natural herbs create an imposing contrast that gets difficult to discern. The aftertaste plays with our senses by leaving a trace of pepper, spices, pinewood, and soft natural perfume.

How to germinate Jack Herer feminized seeds

Germinating your Jack Herer feminized seeds is a straightforward but delicate process that needs to be handled with the utmost care if you want successful crops.

Before getting started, make sure to buy premium Jack Herer feminized seeds. Now look for a couple of household items you need to handle them: a pair of tweezers and latex gloves. You also have to ensure the germination process is handled in a clean area.

The next thing you need to do is follow one of the processes described below:

Germinating with water

Get a bottle of pH-neutral water and a clean glass—don’t use tap water. It’s usually ridden with minerals that can damage your Jack Herer feminized seeds. Pour half a glass with the water and pop your seeds in. Let them rest at the bottom of the glass for no more than 24 hours.

After the time frame, you’ll see taproots on your seeds, signaling germination. Now you only need to transfer the seedlings to your growing setup of choice. If you see any seed floating in the glass, it means it’s a dud with a shut shell.

Germinating with soil

Germination with soil is one of the top tried and trusted methods to germinate Jack Herer feminized seeds. You only need to sow the seeds in clean, fertile soil and wait for them to sprout at surface level. This method is excellent, but it can take up to ten days to see results.

The best way to make sure it works it’s by punching a hole no deeper than one inch and letting the seed rest for at least ten days. Take care of them while you wait by spraying water daily and keeping an eye on light and humidity.

Germinating with paper towels

Germination with paper towels is a highly popular method among marijuana gardeners. You only need to pop the Jack Herer feminized seeds on a moist piece of paper towel on top of a dinner plate. After that, make sure to spray the second sheet and place it on top of the seeds.

Once you have your Jack Herer feminized seeds covered, place them in a dark, warm space. You can use the top of the fridge or a drawer. Let them rest for up to five days, but make sure to check the paper towels—they can’t get too dry.

After the time frame finishes, check your Jack Herer feminized seeds. Most of them should have broken their shells and now display a tiny seedling. Now transfer them to your setup of choice.

Germinating with wool blocks or pellets

You can use peat pellets or wool blocks for germinating your Jack Herer feminized seeds. These items are specially used to help germinate seeds in specific environments. To make them work, you only need pH-neutral water and your trusty sprayer.

Peat pellets are best suited for outdoor gardens, while wool blocks are perfect for indoor gardening. You simply need to place the Jack Herer feminized seeds inside them using tweezers. You get germinated seedlings within three days.

Jack Herer feminized seeds grow information

Once you plant your Jack Herer feminized seeds, you can expect some hefty-looking plants. The hybrid heritage of these seeds helps them grow as large as seven feet tall. They also branch out pretty wide, which calls for space, especially if you’re growing indoors.

The plants from feminized Jack Herer seeds love the tropical outdoors. They grow large flowers to seed ratios and are usually overloaded with resin. The crops need a steady hand and some previous experience from their grower.

The sweet, heavy nugs obtained from Jack Herer feminized seeds require plenty of knowledge about low-stress training techniques. The crop’s dense foliage needs constant trimming, pruning, and training to get the best ventilation.

Once they enter the flowering phase, your Jack Herer plants begin to showcase solid green colors covered with thick layers of trichomes. Before harvest, you’ll spot each nug adorned in pale frosty white resembling snow. It’s truly a sight to behold, and it only takes up to ten weeks to get there.

If you’re growing indoors, you need to work around the logistics of securing enough room for these plants. Jack Herer feminized seeds grow wonderfully in a setup combining hydroponics and Screen of Green. You need lamps equipped with 600 W LED bulbs as well.

Jack Herer feminized seeds thrive indoors as long as you keep a steady room temperature at 70–80°F. Relative humidity needs to be 40–50% to replicate the Mediterranean environment.

Using soil and compost is an excellent alternative if you’re looking to increase the terpene profile of your garden. With the proper care, you can get 21 oz./m² of cannabis indoors or 25 oz. per plant in the open.

Jack Herer feminized seeds genetics

Jack Herer feminized seeds are a powerful combination of three high-profile hybrids with a rich heritage of landrace cannabis cultivars. You can find traces of Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze mixed with an unknown strain to achieve feminized purity.

This explosive combination provides a marijuana plant that carries the best of everything in a single toke. The balanced high we experience with Jack Herer cannabis has the distinctive aroma of Shiva Skunk. It also has the stimulating properties of Haze and the relaxing nature of Northern Lights.

Where to buy Jack Herer feminized seeds

Before offering our recommendation, we must offer a word of advice first: make sure marijuana is legal in your state. You don’t want to have any legal problems ordering Jack Herer feminized seeds online.

Once you’ve cleared that up, you need to go to the place selling the best feminized Jack Herer seeds. For us, there’s nowhere better than Homegrown Cannabis Co. This online dispensary has a vast catalog of strains in stock, as well as every nutrient you need for your garden.

There are a few basics you need to take into account when you’re looking for Jack Herer feminized seeds. Your seed bank of choice should follow these criteria:

  • Legal licensing
  • Widespread good reputation
  • Vast seed catalog
  • Safe and discreet shipping
  • Good range of payment methods
  • Solid community
  • Great user reviews

You get all of this and more with Homegrown Cannabis. Visit the website and make sure to order your Jack Herer feminized seeds and get started with your garden now.

Living up to Jack Herer’s legacy

Jack Herer feminized seeds grow into glorious plants. The delightful flavor is perfectly balanced with the enticing high that keeps you rolling for a good while. The euphoria ends when you’re finally delivered straight into Morpheus’s arms.

These quality nugs are a visual feast of their own when shimmering in the morning light. The lasting legacy of Jack Herer feminized seeds is enough to make this cultivar the centerpiece of many more hybrids.

If you need some advice to learn how to grow Jack Herer feminized seeds, make sure to head to Homegrown Cannabis Co. Hundreds of growers and in-house experts are ready to answer your queries or trade gardening tips with you.

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