Important Websites That Are Helpful in Daily Lives

The advent of technology has changed the way we handle our day-to-day problems. Earlier we used to call our friends, family or colleague to sort out any issue, now we simply Google it. After the coronavirus hit the world in 2020, work from home and online classes have become a norm. It has become important to keep a few websites and tools handy in our daily lives. We are attending meetings, going to restaurants, using PDF editor and many more such activities that cannot go without using our mobiles and laptops. Let us look at a few websites that can be helpful to do daily technical chores.

1. QR Code Scanner

With every platform going online, QR codes have become part of daily lives. It comes in handy when you are travelling somewhere in an auto or ordering food in a restaurant. When you open this website, your mobile camera acts as an optical scanning device that reads a QR code. QR code is nothing but a digital scannable black and white dot matrix that can have a payment redirection or a restaurant’s menu. Mostly all the phones have a QR Code Scanner inbuilt, but just in case you point your camera and the QR code is not readable, then you can go for the PDF QR code Scanner website.

2. Slack

Slack is one of the best websites where you can share your ideas among your peers and colleagues. Unlike other websites where it is easy to get distracted, this website is purely for exchanging information in form of texts and media. You can communicate one-on-one and also in teams. It integrates with DropBox so that you can easily hop across multiple applications at a time. It also works with GitHub, which is why it is very popular among research students and researchers who can share their work progress easily on a channel. The robust features allow you to upload and share files and folders with your group. SlackBot can help you Maintain notes and your private files.

3. PDFSimpli

Scanning and uploading documents online in a form or exam has become part of our daily lives since 2020. All forms demand different specifications of the uploaded document. Some demand PDFs and some demand Word within a particular size. PDFSimpli is an easy-to-use website that lets you upload any document and convert it according to your specification. It converts PDF to Word and vice versa and performs all kinds of operations on PDFs. It is a very friendly app for students and office-goers who handle e-documents in their everyday lives.

4. DuoLingo

Learning a new language can be fun, but finding a perfect platform to learn it can get a little tedious. DuoLingo is a language learning website and application, that helps its users to make them fluent in their choice of language. It comes in handy when you move to a new place where the language is completely different. The website has listed over 40 International languages including English, Hindi, French, Spanish and many more. The various courses help with vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in different languages that have reading and writing exercises, comprehensions, short stories etc.


These websites can be very helpful in your regular lives and can help you grow personally or among a group. It is important to keep yourself updated with the new technological advancements and these websites are a perfect way to do that.