Importance of considering the recruitment software supplier

So you’ve decided you must partner with a recruitment software supplier to upgrade your recruiting work. There are numerous benefits that one can reap from working with a robust recruitment CRM and being supported by an amazing vendor. Actually, there are loads of companies that have decided to partner with a recruitment agency to provide them a HR software.

But how does one choose a recruitment CRM supplier? Is it important to consider the vendor as carefully as one does the software?

Well, we would say selecting the right vendor to match with the software is every bit as important. This need to have a great supplier as a partner stems from the fact that it is inevitable to run into tech problems. And recruitment being a fast-paced and people-focused industry, it is crucial to have a tech support system that is swift to solve any issue that may arise.

Steps to finding a good recruitment software supplier

Once you review the different software systems based on their features and unique selling points and usability, the final decision can boil down to which vendor is the better choice.

Finding a good vendor is not as challenging as one would think if these two key steps are followed.

1. Check reviews

Customer reviews are a wealth of information. While testimonials provided by the company might seem biased and have only positive statements to share, that is not necessarily a bad thing. You can easily see what the vendor and their software’s strengths are from what the majority of the users are saying.

Similarly, look at what the more unfavourable reviews are saying. If there is a trend of reviews that highlight similar points over a long period then that is something you must consider carefully. Sites like Trustpilot carry objective reviews. You can also see how suppliers respond to negative reviews. That can give you an idea of the type of service to expect.

2. Focus on their service quality

Now let’s come to customer service. An often overlooked or neglected element when hunting for the best recruitment software for your agency, customer service plays a crucial role in times of dire need. That’s why you will want to make certain that the vendor you select has the reputation for being great with client support.

If you’re wondering what being great with customer service entails then read on. First of all, you don’t want to be left hanging on the phone. Prompt response and knowledgeable consultants are the greatest assets. Even if the problem is unsolvable right this minute, customers will need the support staff to be as quick with helping them as possible. Great support also eliminates passing the customer around from one department to another or being left waiting on the phone for inordinately long periods.

Other factors that help determine the right recruitment software partner

  • Market reputation
  • User satisfaction
  • Consultant knowledge
  • Implementation process
  • Quality of the system

Reputation is one of the biggest factors that can attract you to a supplier. Or at least that’s how staffing agencies and recruiters come to know of leading recruitment software vendors. If the brand name is of high repute then there is something good going on. It is worth checking but bear in mind that all market leaders are not inherently suitable for all agencies.

Don’t hesitate to do a thorough check on user satisfaction by reading different types of reviews. Whether it is product reviews or service quality recommendations, everything is valuable when doing the research.

Recruitment agencies will need their tech partner to have knowledgeable consultants. As mentioned earlier, running into tech issues is unavoidable and that’s when the need for expert and helpful tech support is at the highest.

The implementation process is also important because you will want to have recruitment agency software that is easy to use. It begins with the onboarding process. The training has to be thorough and updated. Some suppliers offer refresher courses to their users to keep them updated as well as to familiarise them with new updates.

Lastly, recruitment software is all about the features and the benefits recruiters can get from incorporating the CRM software into their workflow. So always make sure the supplier offers features that are required by your agency to perform at the highest standards.

Also, check if the other tech tools your agency uses – candidate skills testing software, video calling software, etc. – can integrate with the CRM of your choice

Demos are a great way to check features and functionality and to get all the doubts cleared.

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