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Importance Of Career Counselling Online

What can be expected from a career counselling session?

Counselling is a wide field that aims at helping people and offering them assistance with their well-being and mental health. There are various types of counselling that deal with different domains of an individual’s life such as Rehabilitation Counselling, Family Counselling, Substance Abuse Counselling, Mental Health Counselling, and Guidance Counselling.

Career counselling helps in understanding and knowing oneself and the world of work better by guiding aspirants to a career path that will be the most fulfilling for them. Career counsellors are generally present in the academic setting to assist students in selecting their pathways to help them accomplish their goals. But, today there are several Career Counselling Online options available to assist individuals with making changes that can set them on track for a new position or career change.

Career counselling is a domain of counselling that focuses on assisting individuals to identify the right career pathway. The individuals can receive guidance from professional counsellors that offer expert advice on their aptitude, potentials, skills, motivations, and shortcomings with the use of smartly designed assessment tools.

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These tools are both objective and subjective.

Career counsellors help clients evaluate their abilities and skills and in overcoming their hindrances to meet goals. They guide individuals to set their career goals after carefully studying their aptitude and interests. They determine the individual’s weaknesses, strengths, interests, and learning patterns. Usually, tools like aptitude tests, fingerprint testing, and interest or IQ tests are used to understand the individual. The counsellor then works along with the individual to determine a potential career choice. They would guide them in mapping the entire pathway to the desired goal.

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Importance of career counselling:

Career Guidance in Chennai has become an important part of everyone’s life with increasingly several career options rising. Students after completing high school are often indecisive about what to do further. This indecisiveness could be a result of a lack of parental guidance, social pressure, ignorance of personal potential, and multiple career options where the career counsellors could cater to these issues effectively. Young people can benefit most from it although it is a key to all age groups. 

Career counselling is also applicable to employees apart from students who are not satisfied with their careers. These individuals are then diverted towards their goals and then given awareness into their professional orientation. Career counsellors also connect students to experts who represent them as models to positively reinforce and encourage students. 

Factors like self-efficiency, happiness, and life satisfaction are also co-dependent on job satisfaction where there is a lot of significance given to counselling. 

Counselling given for professional courses:

It has been often seen that students enrol for courses without knowing what it offers exactly. Their popularity, peer pressure, and fancy names push the student to opt for the course. There are still few parents who force their children to opt for money and conventional making careers although the other parents are being aware of the need for career counselling and guidance.

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Online career counselling applications for assessment:

There are several standardised assessment tools that are used by many counselling centres. Appropriate psychometric tests are chosen to evaluate the client’s aptitude, interest, and personality. The most commonly used assessment tools in India are DAT, Bhatia, Big 5 and 16 PF. There are various authentic online portals that also offer online assessment and counselling. These online portals may further connect ones to expert counsellors that offer online career counselling. 

Career counselling in India:

Career counselling in India is gaining encouragement due to the increase in awareness of the significance of career counselling amongst the parent population. There have been more and more parents voluntarily enrolling their children for Career Guidance in Chennai. Colleges, schools, and educational institutes are also motivating students to do career counselling. The government also pays attention to offering compulsory career guidance and counselling to the students in order to choose the right career path.

Career counselling given through biometrics:

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is the most trending and latest way of mapping an individual’s brain. In this, the fingerprints of people are taken using scanners where the reports are taken which gives complete details of the weaknesses, strengths, personalities and potential. Researchers recommend 80% accuracy for this approach. 

It is considered more efficient than any psychometric test. Counselling is done on the basis of these reports to give a clearer picture to students to select a career option based on their skill sets and abilities. 

So, Career Counselling Online is given to students to aid them in understanding their potential, abilities, and skills which is important for choosing the right career path. It is very essential especially for students after 10th and 12th as this phase is the crucial turning point in their lives. They can make use of this very efficiently for making a bright future.

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