How To Prepare Your Office For Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services can benefit your office greatly. Office cleaning services can entail such activities as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, wiping and disinfecting all surfaces, vacuuming, and general cleaning of all areas. No matter what office cleaning services you plan to have completed by a commercial cleaning company, there are numerous general tasks that you need to complete in order to prepare your office for such services.

  • Consult with an office cleaning company

It is important that before your first initial cleaning service, you consult with the commercial cleaning company about what you expect and what you wish to achieve from their services. Ensure that you notify the experts of the main areas that need to be cleaned. Such primary areas include entryways, common areas and bathrooms. Don’t forget to inform them about the areas that aren’t necessary to be cleaned, such as individual offices or areas that are secure with sensitive and important documents. Advise them clearly of your desired goals, as this will help the commercial cleaning company to create a centred plan that will meet all of your expectations.

  • Notify your employees

After you have consulted with your office cleaning company, it is vital that you inform all of your employees that you have decided to go ahead with having your office professionally cleaned. Your employees may opt not to leave any delicate or valuable belongings at work knowing that there is going to be a commercial cleaning company present. Such personal belongings may not want to be left in the office when it will be cleaned, and they are not present. Employees may also organise and tidy up their workstations in preparation for deep cleaning.

  • Clear all workspaces of clutter

In order to prepare your office for commercial cleaning, it is important that you clear all workspaces of clutter. Whether it be to tidy up your desk of any loose paper, pencils, and other materials so that the cleaning company are able to wipe down any desk without the obstruction of any items. The same goes for other offices where staff utilises other forms of workstations or countertops. It is the role of a commercial cleaning company to clean and sanitise all surfaces as part of their services. Therefore, preparing for cleaning requires clearing all items and objects out of the way.

  • Remove any non-furniture items for the floor

Many commercial cleaning services consist of floor buffering or carpet cleaning. In saying that, office floors need to be clear from any items as much as possible. It is usually not expected for such heavy furniture to be moved for cleaning services. However, items and objects such as boxes, briefcases or any appliances should be unplugged and moved out of the way to provide the commercial cleaning company with as much accesss to the floor space as possible. Preparing your office for commercial cleaning may also mean moving chairs and furniture to another room or even upturning chairs onto desks to allow them full access.

  • Remove plants and other items from shelves

Many offices tend to decorate their space with pictures and plants on desks and shelves. While such items are more than satisfactory to have, a commercial cleaning company will have to wipe and dust down any shelves and desks. Therefore in the time being, it is very helpful to temporarily remove any decorative pieces to allow access to such spaces.

  • Don’t forget about bathrooms, pantry, entryways and other spaces

To prepare your office for commercial cleaning, it is important to remember to carry out the above-mentioned duties in utility areas such as the bathrooms, any entryways, storage rooms, and other spaces where the commercial cleaning company may carry out cleaning tasks. Ensure that you remove any removable accessories from such spaces so that the professionals are able to carry out their cleaning as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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It is is important to remember that even though it is the responsibility of the commercial cleaning experts to clean your office in a proper way and manner, it is also your responsibility to carry out the adequate preparation work. This will aid the professionals in giving their all to the job.

When it comes to commercial cleaning in Sydney, businesses that hire commercial office cleaning services can see numerous benefits. Ranging from higher morale among your employees, allowing your office to look cleaner and feel fresher, which contributes to putting a spring in the step of any employee, all the way to a decreased spread of illness and more satisfied customers who will appreciate your clean and professional business appearance.

By investing in the cleaning and maintenance of your office by qualified professionals, you are able to focus on what matters most: your business. The benefits and appreciation you receive from your employees and your customers will speak for themselves.

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