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How to Make Cycling with Your Child More Fun

Some parents believe that as long as their child is happy, they should be able to do whatever it is that they want. This might mean spending hours in front of a games console or watching TV. Others think that their children should be encouraged to spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine and getting some fresh air, even if that is not exactly what their child wants to do.

Getting children outside can often be a chore, particularly when their friends are playing online and they want to join them. But if you can get your kids interested in an outdoor activity such as cycling, you may find that they actually want to be outside. The best way to encourage an interest in cycling is to make it more fun. How do you do this though?

Teach Your Child to Cycle at a Young Age

If possible, teach your child to cycle at a young age. Investing in a light bike for kids, such as a balance bike, will make it easier for your child to learn. The folk at Woom tell us that balance bikes are ideal for toddlers as young as 18 months. Teaching your child how to hold the bike and sit on it with their feet on the ground will be fun and exciting. You could also buy a bike seat for your own bike so that they get used to being outside on a bike as early as appropriate.

Getting Older Kids to Enjoy Cycling

If your child is older and has a bike that they never use, it may be more difficult to coax them back onto it. Difficult, but not impossible. The trick is to make your child look forward to cycling trips, so incorporating some fun is the best way. Why not get your child to go for a bike ride with you and the rest of the family?

While riding in the warm sunshine is really enjoyable, riding after the rain is equally fun, especially if you encourage your child to ride through puddles and see who can get the muddiest.

You could also introduce some friendly competition into your family bike rides. With safety in mind, get everyone to cycle for a set distance and use a timer to see who can do it the fastest. Make sure everyone is wearing the right protective gear, such as helmets and padding. Whoever cycles the fastest could win a prize.

Another way to encourage a love of cycling is to invite your child’s friends along. Let’s face it, children love being with their friends and if they can bring someone along for a bike ride or even a cycling vacation, they are going to enjoy it even more.

When choosing cycling routes for you and your child, make sure there is a reward at the end such as a nice café where you can get a drink and something nice to eat. Or maybe cycle to the nearest ice-cream parlor. You can bet that your child will want to go for a cycle with you if there is a nice treat waiting at the end.


Cycling is a fun activity that parents and children can enjoy together. But getting your child interested in cycling may not be so easy. Teaching children to cycle from a young age might help to eventually encourage a love of biking, but even older children can be coaxed into getting on their bike and enjoying the fresh air if you make it more fun for them.

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