How to Increase Oxygen Level for Pregnant Ladies

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body needs more oxygen than usual. Thus, when a lady is pregnant, the amount of oxygen allocated to her body is estimated – the ability of the blood to carry oxygen depends directly on the concentration of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a complex protein in the blood that helps supply oxygen and carbon dioxide to different parts of the body. 

When you are pregnant, you need to make sure you are as healthy as possible so that your baby has every chance of growing up. Increasing the flow of oxygen during pregnancy helps relieve dizziness and reduce fatigue. 

What causes oxygen deprivation in pregnant women? 

The pregnancy hormone progesterone makes your body adapt to the process of absorbing oxygen into the bloodstream through the lungs. These changes mean that your body is working much better in processing oxygen and carbon dioxide. You are breathing at exactly the rate as you would before pregnancy. But now every time you breathe in you are breathing much deeper. It is considered to be one of the main causes of your shortness of breath.

Towards the end of the three-month period, the size of your growing baby may cause you to have shortness of breath. At this stage, your uterus actually begins to push upwards along the diaphragm. In turn your diaphragm puts pressure on the lungs. Although you may feel a bit like an engine when you are breathing down a small staircase, don’t worry. This type of shortness of breath is not normal or harmful.

When Should You Give Oxygen?

You should see a doctor immediately if you have any worrying symptoms during pregnancy. To detect this kind of problem you can use  home care services in Dhaka. If you feel that your heart is beating fast, irregular and losing the rhythm of the heartbeat, which is known as palpitations. Severe shortness of breath or numbness after starting work, chest pain, especially if it starts when you are doing heavy work, lying down or having difficulty breathing at night.

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Also, low levels of iron in your blood can be a sign of shortness of breath. If you have asthma, discuss your problem in detail with your doctor, usually keep an oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator at home. The amount of risk you and your baby will be at risk from not controlling asthma is much higher than the risk of taking asthma medication during pregnancy. In this case, you should search for oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh before buying. If you do not have any other worrying symptoms, it is normal to experience shortness of breath during pregnancy and this will not harm your baby. 

Final Words

Although it is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to have shortness of breath, it is scary. It can happen for a diversity of reasons. Family members need to be alert as soon as they understand the early signs of such problems. As it is not possible for a pregnant mother to visit the hospital repeatedly, you can buy an oxygen cylinder at home as an extra precaution or get oxygen cylinder rent in dhaka service.