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How to come up with a memorable company name

On how the company will be called and what products are going to produce, will depend on its continued success. A simple example: in the countries of Latin America at the time the sales of “Chevrolet Nova” cars failed with a crash, and all because in the period from the Spanish “Nova” literally translates as – “does not go”.

But before we start separately want to mention the generator of names “Turbologo”, with its help you can get a colorful and memorable name for your company.

So, let’s break down the basic rules of naming.

Do not bother with complicated names, all brilliant is simple! It should be understood that a short and concise name is much better to remember;

The name of the company must necessarily reflect its field of activity. For example, a brand called “Zdravnitsa” makes it immediately clear that we are talking about a network of pharmacies;

The name should not have any negative associations. At a subconscious level, it immediately repels most potential customers. People always reach for the pleasant associations;

It is necessary to use the words understandable to the masses. For example, the sporting goods store is better called “World of Sports”, but “Ringo” will not understand it all;

Do not go beyond the law. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the name may not consist of the word “international”, the names of the executive authorities, as well as bad words that undermine the principles of morality.

3 proven ways to come up with a name

If you have plans to start developing a brand that will be directly related to you, it is best to use your own last name. That way you can personally promote your brand at various venues, trade shows and other celebrations;

If you have an original name in mind, we recommend paying attention to Greek and Roman mythology. A company with the name of some ancient hero or creature sounds very interesting and memorable. Again, the main thing is that it was not too complicated and long;

Allusion is our everything! Allusion is a modification of a well-known brand. Thus, you will be much easier to develop their baby, given that his name will already have a lot of established associations in the masses.

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