How to claim fair compensation for a car accident in Geneva

Statistics say that there were close to 320,000 motor collisions in 2017. Out of which, 66000 caused injuries and around 1000 resulted in death. Around 1500 were reported from Geneva. Contact the Geneva car accident attorney to know about the legalities involved in an accident case.

What are the steps to take after an accident?

When you are hit by a vehicle at no fault of yours, you are in a state of shock, fear and anxiety. But it is essential to take a few steps immediately if you are in a position to do so.

1) Get to a safe place, preferably by the roadside, to avoid any mishaps from the passing vehicles on the road.

2) Call the nearest help service or ambulance if you or anyone is hurt in the accident.

3) Contacting and filing a police complaint is advised if you have sustained any injuries.

4) Do not apologize or admit fault. It can be the other way round, so it is advisable to talk to your attorney and take further steps.

5) Work towards assembling evidence in pictures and videos of the damage due to the accident. Witness statements also play a significant role and collect the phone numbers of the driver, witnesses etc.

6) Apply for an insurance claim from the Insurance company

7) Hire a personal injury attorney to get comprehensive compensation for your case.

What kind of compensation can be expected from a car accident?

To get fair compensation for your case, it is advisable to appoint a personal injury attorney. 

Assessment of compensation depends on the seriousness of the injuries you have survived.

Hence it is crucial to gather all the medical bills, Invoices, Damages to the vehicle etc.

You should first assess your injuries through your doctor and understand the repercussions like healing time, lost wages, Rehab, Pain and suffering etc. 

Your attorney will guide you through this journey while you focus on your recovery.

How much time does the settlement take?

The negligent party’s insurance company tries to minimize the compensation in any accident case.

Hence it is important to negotiate with the opposite party as soon as possible. If there is no settlement, you can go to court and needless to say; it will increase the time. 


The part that evidence plays is extremely important and seeking medical care with understanding the time you need the treatment will decide the length of time to resolve the case.