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Historical Destinations in Melaka, Malaysia You Can Visit

Everyone when visiting Malaysia almost certainly visits Kuala Lumpur or Penang because these two areas are very famous because of the many popular places here. But actually, there are many other areas in Malaysia that are no less interesting. You can try visiting Melaka Malaysia in this city. You can visit many interesting tourist objects as well as a variety of delicious culinary delights. This place is very worth visiting for your new experience when on vacation to Malaysia.

Apart from the many tourist attractions and delicious culinary delights that you can visit, in Melaka, you can also find various interesting hotels that you can make as a place to stay while in this city. Several hotels in Melaka offer unique architecture.

Imperial Heritage Hotel Melaka is one of the hotels in this city that offers the best facilities and services. This hotel offers pocket-friendly prices, perfect for those of you who want to feel comfort and savings during your vacation to Malaysia.

This hotel room facilities are equipped with a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, and air conditioning and there is also free internet that you can enjoy while in this hotel. The hotel reception is available 24 hours, for other facilities, there is also a swimming pool and lounge that you can use to relax and recover after a tiring activity.

While at this hotel you can also visit various places located not far from the hotel such as the Sultanate of Malacca, and Cheng Hoong Teng Temple or enjoy food at popular restaurants in Melaka that serve spare ribs such as Nancy’s Kitchen Restaurant, Tong Sheng Restaurant, and Hard Rock Cafe Melaka, all adjacent to the Imperial Heritage Melaka.

Melaka is a World Heritage city designated by UNESCO, the reason being that in this city there are many ancient and historic building sites that make the city of Melaka get a classic impression. If you are going to or are in this city, there is nothing wrong with trying to visit some of the historical places in Melaka. Here are some tourist recommendations in the city of Melaka that you can visit.

1. Melaka Malaysia Tour, Jonker Street

The first place you can visit in Melaka is Jonker Street which is a place filled with street vendors selling a variety of delicious snacks. This place is always crowded by local residents and foreign tourists who do various activities such as taking pictures or shopping. Not infrequently at certain times in this area, there will be performances held in the available stage area so that it can be a separate entertainment for those of you who are currently on Jonker Street.

2. Maritime Museum

It is not wrong if the city of Melaka is designated as one of the World Heritage cities by UNESCO because in the city of Melaka there are lots of museums that store various historical objects. One of the historical museums that you can visit is the Maritime Museum which contains a collection of ships and their history. Uniquely, this museum is shaped like the legendary ship Flor de La Mar, so you will feel an authentic impression when you enter.

3. Morten Village Tourism Village

The next place that you must visit is the Morten Village Tourism Village, you can reach the location of this tourist village by using the Melaka River Cruise. In this village, there are rows of classic houses with ancient designs that are ready to spoil your eyes. There are approximately 100 houses that have classic models and types. You will feel a very strong traditional cultural atmosphere when you are in this Morten Village.

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