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Filing a Lawsuit against the Owner if I got Bitten By His Dog?

Dog bites are common and can happen when you least expect them.  When you are jogging or walking down in the street, a dog comes from any side and bites you. This is the worst thing that can happen to anyone because you will have to deal with the consequences. The first thing, you will have to do is to get in touch with a doctor who can examine you properly and offer the right treatment. Afterward, you might think if you need to file a lawsuit against the dog owner with the help of a Jersey City personal injury lawyer.

Know your options if you have been bitten by a dog

The dog owner is liable for the dog bite regardless of the severity of the injury. One of the options that you have is to file a lawsuit and ask for compensation for the medical treatment that you have received due to the dog bite. However, it is suggested to contact a lawyer who can tell you about the state laws because these regulations may differ for every state. He can evaluate your case and suggest to you if you should file for a lawsuit. Having a good lawyer on your side will also give you some relief from your pain mentally and physically.

Your rights in case of a dog bite

It is important to know your rights if you have been bitten by a dog. In most states, you will get compensation. However, if you have provoked the dog, you might limit your chances of getting the right amount. Likewise, if you were trespassing and the dog had bitten you or if you were already aware of the violent nature of the dog because he had bitten someone else in the past, you might lose your right to file a lawsuit.

Getting the compensation

Based on the circumstances, if you can prove that the dog owner is liable for the injuries, you can get compensation. In some cases, your attorney can help you with the out-of-court settlement. This means that you don’t need to wait till trial to get the money. 

If the dog has bitten your child, you are likely to get a higher amount due to the age and size of the kid. Moreover, a child experiences more pain and mental trauma as compared to an adult.

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