Entrance doors and revolving door

Storefront glass and entrance doors caused by the combination of glass, metal frames, door panels and housewares such as handles, bolts, etc. by a home builder company บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน will be chosen to obtain a strong structure The width of each transom frame depends on the strength of the glass to withstand wind and other forces. without cracking at length However, the vertical deflection value of the wall on the frame above the glass should not exceed (1)⁄200 the width of each transom box. and the frame itself should have a vertical deflection of not more than 1⁄300 of the width of each box of the frame.

  • Standard thickness 2″ (51)
  • Standard width 4″(100)
  • The glass pane may be in the center of the transom box cross-section or not in the center.
  • Should consult the manufacturer. For the design of the frame cross-section, the size of the glass compartment, the door leaf and the installation details
  • Should check the requirements of the building law. to know the quality class and the different sizes of safety glass
  • Sealing material.
  • Both the transom and transom have the same glass mounting.
  • Eyebrows protect from heat or cold. For temperature protection double glazing system
  • Horizontal transom should have drainage holes.

Such a set of glass panes should be assembled with a frame and silicone sealant material to help hold, support and prevent the movement of the glass sheet The cross-sectional dimensions of the transom depend on the width and length of the glass sheet. as well as the wind that will come against In this case, you should consult the manufacturer for information.

  • Consult the glass manufacturer and check the building law to know the size of glass thickness required.
  • Vertical joints of glass panels according to 3⁄8″ (10) standard.

Use a special type of silicone material to bond the glass sheet.

  • Traditional glass transom picture.
  • ½” thick tempered glass (13)
  • Depth (width of the glass plate acting as the middle vertical metal frame. There will be more or less size depending on the width and height of the glass pane.
  • Metal
  • Tempered glass at least ¾” (19) thickness should be sanded and coated.
  • Special silicone material. To coordinate the front glass plate and the middle frame plate.
  • Butt-to-joint-to-joint two glass panels is to join two glass panels together with a special silicone only vertically. without a central vertical transom
  • Connecting two glass panels together. by using glass panels instead of the central vertical jamb Another sheet of glass will be used to support the back perpendicularly. to strengthen the connection of two front glass panels with a sheet of metal with knots attached to the front pair sheet and then coated with a special type of silicon

revolving door

The revolving door prevents the loss of heat or cold inside the building to the outside of the building. And that is chosen to be used for building a house รับสร้างบ้าน to reduce the suction of air while opening and closing the door better than other types of doors. with three or four door panels assembled to rotate around the center of the door set with the cylinder pin at the center of rotation Revolving doors are often used as the main entrance doors of large buildings. which can allow up to 2,000 people to pass in and out per hour

  • The size of the gate is usually 6’6″ (1,980) in diameter, but if there is a high traffic Use a diameter of 7’0″ (2,135) or larger.
  • Turnstiles can sometimes be equipped with an auxiliary device to automatically drive them at the speed of a pedestrian when lightly pushed.
  • Some revolving doors have automatic hinged doors. When the user pushes the wrong side against the normal rotation direction
  • Some building laws allow buildings to have revolving doors to accommodate up to 50% of the total traffic. without having a hinged door attached to the side But some building laws require that a revolving door have a hinged door next to it. Always for emergency use
  • 2″ to 4″ (51 to 100)
  • Standard height 6’10” and 70″ (2,085 and 2,135).
  • The pivot pin on the bottom floor matches the one on the ceiling.
  • Door assembly diameter + 3¾” (95)
  • The ceiling behind the door. install lighting fixtures or attach a mirror as a light channel
  • Baked doors with frames made of metal such as aluminum, stainless steel or copper.
  • The door box is covered with metal or glass of type reinforced with wire or laminated.
  • Air conditioning for the revolving door area. It may be installed on the side of the door assembly.
  • The ceiling may be curved upward or flat.
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  • The edge is fitted with rubber or felt to prevent water and air from entering.
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