Education Budget Of India Complete Info for 2022-23

On February 1st, the education budget in India was passed for 2022-23. The new education budget of India has raised by 11.86% from the previous year. So, the education budget was assigned to Rs 1,04,278 crore in 2022.

Furthermore, the  Department of School Education and Literacy has Rs 63,449.37 crore. And  Rs 40810.34 crore (revenue) has been allotted for the department of higher education. Also, other sections of the education system are Padhana Likhana Abhiyaan, Strengthening Teaching-Learning and Results for States (STARS), Former Mid Day Meal Scheme to PM Poshan, National Scheme for Incentive to Girls, and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.

Additionally, the focus is to improve and better the education system of the country. And, there have been some new schemes in this new budget. Furthermore, the major aim of this new budget is to digitise the education system.

Therefore, the further article contains the major topics of the education budget for 2022-23. Also, there are new schemes that you should go through.

Main Component of the Education Budget for 2022-23

Establishment of Digital University

Many students were not able to get their formal education due to the pandemic that forced the government to close schools for almost a year. And, the students, in particular, have no resources to get an education. However, students from urban areas were able to continue their education through an online learning mode. 

Therefore, the focus of the education budget 2022 was the establishment of the Digital University to provide distance education across the country. Therefore, with the implementation of digital universities, it would be possible to provide top-notch education to students in rural areas. In addition, Digital University will have different languages, so the language will not be a barrier between the students and the education.

Additionally, Financial Minister Nirmala Sitaraman stated in her speech-“”The best public universities and institutions in the country will collaborate as a network of hub-spokes.”

One TV Channel for One Class

Due to the pandemic-induced closure of schools, our children, particularly in the rural areas, and those from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and other weaker sections, have lost almost two years of formal education, Nirmala Sitaraman said.

Hence, under the PM eVIDYA scheme, the one-class-one-TV scheme provides education from class 1st to 12th. Additionally, under this scheme, the channel will make in every regional language for the betterment of the students. Therefore, it would extend from 12 channels to 200 channels.

Quality Online Learning

The aim of this scheme is to provide quality online distance education through premium e-content. Therefore, students have world-class distance education courses to impart the best education.

Also, the Finance Minister said a competitive mechanism for the development of quality e-content by the teachers will be set up to empower and equip them with digital tools of teaching and facilitate better learning outcomes.

Vocational Learning & Job Creation

Teachers will be provided with the program with skill development and training. Also, the main focus of this scheme is to increase critical thinking, decision making, and creativity in the vocational courses. 

Hence, in 2022-23 there would be 750 labs in mathematics and science and 75 e-labs to improve the learning environment. 

Concentrating on Mental Health Issues

For the first time, they were focusing on mental health problems in the education budget of India. The aim of this scheme is to provide digital counselling across the country through the E-Health Research Centre.


Citizens of the country will learn skills that will help them earn a living with the help of DESH-stack. Also, DESH-stack is an AI-based e-portal that would help people learn skills, reskill, and upskill. Apart from that, the DESH-stack e-portal would be beneficial in getting job opportunities as per their vocational skills.

What are the Advantages of the 2022-23 Education Budget of India?

Providing Online Education Across the Country

The new budget is to provide online education in the whole country as many students were unable to get their education due to the pandemic. As the pandemic spread across the world. Colleges were closed and higher education institutions adopted the online education model. Hence, now the government is focusing on strengthening the online education system.

Distance Education Courses

Distance education courses would be available to students for every section. Therefore, with the help of the digitalization of distance education courses, students attain their higher education in online mode. Also, many distance education universities get the support of the scheme that would help in the digitalization of distance education. 

Increase of the Vocations Opportunities

These schemes are here to impart people with the skills and upskills that will be advantageous in getting employment. Therefore, e-portals like DESH Stack work as a boon for the general public.


The new education budget of India is focusing on the digitalization of the education system of the country. The pandemic shows us how important digital education is for students, as for the past two years. Hence, online education and distance education has been crucial for the education system. Therefore, the improvement of online distance education universities, e-learning, online virtual classes, and online distance education courses has been the key highlight of the new budget. As a result, students from across the country attain a high-quality education.