Drowsy Driving – Know When To Pull Over

Sleep deprivation can lead to the impairment of a person’s cognitive abilities. Driving in a sleep-deprived or fatigued state can be extremely dangerous and cause severe accidents. According to The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, in 2019, drowsy driving fatalities accounted for about 1.9% of all driving fatalities in the United States. 

If you are involved in a drowsy driving accident, it is advised to consult a car accident attorney. A Houston car accident attorney can assess your situation and help you seek compensation for the damages you incurred if the other driver was negligent. 

When should you pull over? 

It is important to recognize warning signs and pull over in a safe, well-lit area where you do not disturb other drivers for a short test till you can drive with proper care again. 

  • Physical symptoms: Drowsiness while driving can cause you to yawn and blink frequently. You might feel like falling asleep constantly and have tired or droopy eyes. 
  • Risk factors: People that are long night shift workers, commercial drivers, have untreated sleep disorders, consume alcohol before driving, and use medication with the side effect of fatigue are more likely to be in such accidents. Such accidents are also more likely to occur between midnight and dawn or mid-afternoon. 
  • Improper driving: If you cannot remember the last few miles you drove, have slowing reflexes to nearby obstacles, cannot maintain the speed of your vehicle, and drift from your lane, it is a sign you are kai greene distracted and too drowsy to drive safely.Visite this site : thailandnews24.comClick here : hdfridaynews.com

How to avoid drowsy driving? 

  • Get sufficient sleep. 

It is necessary to form healthy sleep habits such as maintaining a consistent sleeping schedule, avoiding caffeine late in the day, preventing irregular naps during the day, and not using electronics before you sleep. 

  • Caffeine. 

Consumption of caffeine can help reduce the symptoms of your drowsiness and help you focus on driving. 

  • Do not drive during certain hours. 

Your body is accustomed to sleeping at certain hours, such as at night and during the early afternoon, and feels exceptionally drowsy during them. Limit driving during such periods. 

  • Avoid alcohol. 

Drinking alcohol before your sleep can disrupt it and lead to adverse effects such as increased drowsiness. 

  • Take breaks. 

Do not go on for long hours without taking enough breaks. Plan a schedule and make enough time for stopping and resting. 

  • Have a traveling companion. 

Driving with another person, especially on long trips, can help you be more aware of your surroundings, and reduce your chances of falling asleep while driving. 

In case an accident arises, contact a car accident attorney at the earliest with relevant experience and skills regarding your case. They can offer you any applicable legal solutions and advice that you require.

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