Different Learning Style Helpful for Your Children

While being in a classroom, you might find some teachers as your favorite. You might also have interacted in their classes and find their teaching method more interesting than any other teacher. You enjoy that particular teacher’s classes and wait for them every time. However, you don’t want to attend the classes of the teacher whose way of teaching you find boring. The monotonous routine of teaching makes you feel like running out of the class sometimes. Have you tried to find out the difference?

What Difference Do You Find in the Above Two Conditions?

It might be the teacher’s personality, energy level, attitude, or communication and teaching the student.

The teaching style is one of the essential aspects that can help kids enjoy the session and be interactive on the subject taught in classes.

Basic Learning Style that Most of Us Familiar With

All the kids are not thinking or approach with the same thinking. Likely different students need to enjoy other learning/teaching techniques. They are divided into three basic categories, as listed below

  1. Use of Visual tools
  2. Audio Teaching
  3. Presence of teacher Physically

What’s this teaching style is exactly about, and the difference between the three of them. Let us know everything in detail below.

Use of Visual tools: Learning with Images and Videos

Visual and logical learners may appreciate books like the Eclipse Arts books by Michelle Chastaine which take them on a journey to understand friends, family, and life goals.

Visual learning is a method that uses different tools that helps the students to grasp the concept easily. The various techniques used in this method include PowerPoint presentations, slides, video lessons, and 3-D animation. These methods are helpful for students who enjoy learning by observing the scenario and concepts.

It helps students understand the concept easily, and it remains in the student’s mind for a longer time. Many of the online teaching apps provide you with the feature of whiteboards and many other tools to explore this teaching style. The students who enjoy visual learning methods usually have a good sense of observation and enjoy it.

Audio Teaching Methods

Audio teaching methods are helpful for the students good in listening. It helps them to learn the best out of their will with this method. Verbal Representation, like lectures or conversations about a particular subject, can help them enjoy the class.

The students who like this method of teaching usually have a good sense of rhythm. There might be chances they usually become musicians or singers in the future. Either it is online classes or walls surround you in the traditional classroom, the teacher usually explains the lecture with the help of these methods.

Presence of Teacher Physically in Classroom

It is one of the most common methods used in the traditional classroom. However, this method has a few cons and pros. The pros include that teachers can change teaching strategies if they find students feeling bored with lectures. However, audio-visual teaching methods and tools help in keeping students engage throughout the class. They don’t feel bored and enjoy the fun activities in between the classroom.

Some Other Learning Methods that Student Enjoy

  1. Verbal Learning
  2. Logical Learning
  3. Social Learning
  4. Solitary Learning


The learning preferences vary from student to student. The different ways of learning give students many options to explore the learning style they are comfortable in—however, the common thing among all students they enjoy incorporating various topics of their interest with studies.

Since now you know there are various learning styles, it depends on kids which style helps them grow. For example, if your child enjoys solitary and visual learning, you must keep it in mind when explaining complex topics. Different learning techniques help students to explore the most out of them in the classroom. For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky

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