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Dental nursing in the UK

Working as a dental nurse in the UK requires a qualification that a NEBDN-accredited course provider can offer. Since Covid-19 there has been a massive increase in people who want to work in the health sector, including dental nursing. Working as a dental nurse gives people new challenges every day and broadens their horizons to learn new things. Another benefit is that, as a dental nurse, you can learn on the job and earn money at the same time. This helps to cover big part of the education.

Once someone decides to pursue a career in dental nursing, they need to find an NEBDN-accredited institution. There are many course providers to choose from. It is important to mention that before you join any provider, you should do your research on each company to see which one suits you best and to find the one that has amazing previous student reviews. Completing a National Diploma in Dental Nursing from a reputed institution will increase your chances of having a more stable career.

A dental nursing course is simply a combination of practical, hands-on learning and theoretical material. Learners no longer need to attend physical locations because most of the courses are now completed via Zoom. Studying online is very flexible, as it allows students to learn at their own pace. According to the General Dental Council Scope of Practice, a dental nurse is a registered dental professional who provides clinical and other support to their dentists and patients.

A dental nurse should possess certain personal qualities, such as:

  • Good written and verbal communication skills;
  • The ability to stay calm under pressure;
  • A pleasant and caring disposition;
  • Excellent attendance, timekeeping, and punctuality;
  • The ability to work as part of a team;

The NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing consists of 11 modules that trainee dental nurses will have to memorise to pass the examination and become qualified dental nurses. The learning modules include professionalism and the role of the dental nurse, general and dental anatomy, medical emergencies, restorative dentistry, oral diseases, oral surgeries, pain, and anxiety control.

The course usually lasts 12-18 months and students are required to take and pass the dental nurses’ exams. Once the examination is complete, students achieve the National Certificate in Dental Nursing, allowing them to register with the General Dental Council and work as a qualified dental nurse anywhere in the UK.

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