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Dental Implant Procedure as Explained by The Columbia Dentists 

Dental implants are the crowns that are used as fillers for missing permanent teeth. The procedure follows the process of inserting the artificial tooth roots into the gum layer so that they can get embedded into the jawbone. They will then offer an easy insertion option of the crowns in place of all missing teeth. 

Many dentists in Columbia can guarantee the best procedure of the dental implants in Columbia, and one of such is Dr. Joel E Johnson. The dentists here will first analyze the condition of the teeth and the jawbone and then will start working on the crown installation procedure in the required number of sittings. You can visit their website to know more. 

Why choose dental implants? 

With the help of this dental implant procedure, you can replace multiple permanent teeth that are lost because of many reasons. The dentists will first work on all the available options for the replacement of the teeth, and if nothing works, then they will offer this dental implant procedure. 

A dental implant procedure is not easy to perform. Your dentist will suggest this to you only if they conclude that your jawbone can withstand the installation of the teeth roots into them surgically. Sometimes, some of the candidates may even require bone grafts for the success of the procedure. 

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The types of dental implants include, 

  • Endosteal 

This is a common type of dental implant that is widely used today. Titanium is the basic material that is used in the manufacturing of dental screws in this procedure, as it is body-safe metal. With the help of one implant, the dentists can install multiple crowns in this case. 

  • Subperiosteal 

When a person does not have enough jawbone strength to support the dental implant procedure, the dentists will work on this type of implant procedure. Here, the implants will not be drilled directly into the jawbone, but will be inserted just into the gum layer. 

Preparing for the dental implant procedure 

Once your dentist will declare that you are fit for the dental implant procedure, they will schedule a date and time for the procedure. You need to make sure that you will find someone to drive you back home after the procedure is done. 

The dental office is the most preferred location for the procedure. 

You can take a light meal before the procedure, as you will be subjected to general anesthesia during the implant installation process. 

The dentists will suggest some post-op medications for you that you should strictly follow the dental implant procedure. You need to make sure that you stay away from some dangerous habits of smoking or drinking alcohol for a few days after the procedure. 

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