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Common Issues with Student Housing and How to Fix Them

There are many good aspects of being a student during this period in your life that you may appreciate. Living with your friends away from home is one of the best parts of being a student, but it also comes with many duties.

You should know a few things if this is your first time renting student housing stoke since accommodation issues can negatively impact your quality of life and result in unhappiness.

The most frequent issues in student housing are listed here, along with solutions.

Unreliable landlords

It could be difficult for you and your roommates if you have an issue with your landlord. When renting housing for students, landlord issues can take many different forms. For instance, your landlord can refuse to replace the boiler when it breaks or might even try to evict you forcibly.

If you are having issues with your landlord, you must get guidance as quickly as possible. Inform your parents first, and visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau and the university administration. You might also wish to obtain legal counsel to protect your rights and stop things from getting out of control.

Pests, moisture

Sometimes there is much to be desired regarding student housing, such as student flats Newcastle under Lyme. The secret is to act promptly if you find yourself residing in a home with insects, dampness, or other problems.

You do not have to live in unclean circumstances, regardless of how much rent you pay. Always pick your home care in the first place. However, if issues emerge while you reside there, ensure your landlord is aware of them and takes care of them. If the issue is not resolved, seek legal counsel.

Its Deposit

Deposits may be tricky at times, and you might discover that once you move out of your student housing, your landlord takes some of your deposit to cover the cost of fixing any damage you caused.

If the landlord withholds a portion of your deposit after you vacate, ask them where the money was spent and get a written explanation. After all, you ought to be aware of every expenditure of your money.

Once more, the Citizens Advice Bureau should be your first stop if you believe the landlord has unfairly spent your security deposit. You should also seek legal counsel. Another option for getting your money back would be to file a small claims lawsuit.

Before you move in, you should confirm with your landlord that they have joined the Deposit Safety Scheme, which gives you additional protection.


The foregoing issues can make a living in student housing less pleasurable, which is unfortunate because it should be a joyful and fulfilling experience. It’s always a good idea to work with a local, reputable letting agent who can provide you with a wide range of suitable properties and resolve any minor issues before they become problems.

This will make your entire experience in student accommodation Keele uni much more pleasant and less likely that they will happen to you in the first place.

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