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Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Hundreds and thousands of traffic accidents happen every year across the country. Traffic and motor vehicle accidents are one of the significant causes of death in the United States. Your life can also be in danger if you do not follow traffic rules and drive in an unsafe manner. However, if you are careful while driving, you can not assume that the driver on the road is the same.  

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Common causes of car accidents

  • Overspeeding

Studies have confirmed that two-thirds of drivers driving on the highway exceed the legal speed limit. Overspeeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents. It can be tempting to push your speed when running late, but it can cost your life. So it is better to resist the urge and drive within the speed limit. 

  • Drunk driving

Driving under the influence is one of the dangerous causes of car accidents in the USA. People often attend parties, get drunk and drive their own vehicles on the way home, leading to fatal accidents. If you have had anything to drink at a party or get-together, it is better to take a taxi to get home safely. 

  • Weather conditions

You can not always avoid driving in the rain. Dangerous road conditions caused by heavy rains should be avoided when possible. Driving under hazardous weather conditions may decrease visibility, and you should pull over until the weather gets to normal to avoid any calamities. 

  • Breaking signals

If the signal shows red light, you have to stop. Even if it seems like no car is approaching from the other way, it is never the best idea to break the traffic rules. Most busy people often break the traffic rules while thinking about work. Everyone needs to understand that life is important, and it is best to stay safe than sorry. 

  • Driving at night

Driving at night often needs more attention, and moreover, there is a lack of visibility at night. Ensure you pay extra alert and keep your full lights on when driving at night, especially if it is an abandoned road without street lights. 

  • Improper turns and wrong-way driving

Humans make mistakes, but failure in judgment can cause horrible and fatal accidents. Pay attention to the street signs warning of one-way streets and other irregularities, especially when you are in unfamiliar and unknown places. 

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