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Benefits Of Sawing Services

Concrete cutting services are often used for projects such as residential road sawing, rock splitting projects, commercial renovations for window fittings, cutting through boulders and much more. There are many concrete cutting techniques that are often used that are suitable to meet the needs and requirements of various projects.

Many sawing services are growing in popularity due to the benefits they provide and the results they demonstrate. This article will highlight some of the many benefits of utilising sawing services such as road sawing, concrete wall sawing, plunge sawing and hand sawing.

Concrete wall sawing benefits

Concrete wall sawing is a method of concrete cutting which is generally used for projects that require high levels of accuracy, deep sawing, or precision cuts.

There are many benefits of utilising concrete wall sawing such as being a cost-effective option and is effective in the overall results it offers. In comparison to regular concrete cutting, concrete wall sawing generally promotes a quicker production time as well as a reduction in related noise, creation of debris and dust.

Concrete wall sawing is growing in popularity as the service offers extreme precision in its results. This is a major benefit of concrete wall sawing as the technique allows heavily reinforced concrete to be cut and maintain structural integrity within the process. Industry leading machinery can allow for cuts of depths up to 1000mm from one side providing accuracy and a variety of options in the finishes of a project.

Road sawing benefits

Road sawing allows for horizontal cuts on flat surfaces and can be used on a variety of surfaces such as roads such as asphalt, driveways, floors, pavements, concrete surfaces such as bridge decks and many more.

Utilising an experienced and reputable concrete cutting company will ensure you are provided with the best results for your service and the services are carried out by a trained professional. A professional who has access to industry-leading equipment will be able to conduct road sawing services on surfaces up to 600mm thick with the ability of cutting materials such as concrete and asphalt as well as utilising machinery for expansion joints.

Plunge sawing benefits

Plunge sawing is another method of concrete cutting services that provides deep penetration with a flat saw cut on a surface, with the ability to make plunge cuts within concrete. Plunge sawing is effective for cutting concrete, conduit, brick, reinforced concrete, and several other varieties of masonry.

The standout benefit of plunge sawing is the precision provided by the service. Plunge saws provide an accurate and precise cut, and by using a plunge saw you limit the amount you need to manoeuvre the material due to its precise nature.

Plunge sawing is often used alongside other services such as saw splitting and cutting which allows for high-quality results when removing large areas of rocks or concrete often found during pool excavations, in dam structures and under residential homes.

Hand sawing benefits

Hand sawing is a specialised service which is often used for projects that require cutting of thinner concrete within concrete walls and floors, brick, and block.

The use of industry-leading equipment can allow for hand sawing services to be used for projects in confined spaces, which are indoors or underwater as hand sawing limits the emission of fumes. Hand sawing tools are able to provide results by cutting to a depth of up to 400mm providing quick and seamless results. 

Do you require specialised sawing services?

If you are looking for specialised sawing services such as concrete wall sawing, road sawing, wire sawing, hand sawing, plunge sawing or track sawing, reach out to a reputable concrete cutting company.

Hiring a reputable and experienced concrete cutting company is essential for any sawing services you require as often there is industry machinery that is used to carry out services such as concrete wall sawing and road sawing that needs to be handled carefully by a professional. A professional in the field will be able to assist you in providing results that suit your space and your needs!

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